The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 sneak peek footage reveals Big Brother stars plotting revenge

angela rummans in the challenge usa episode 4 preview
Angela Rummans is one of several stars from Big Brother competing on The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: Paramount+

Four shows provided the cast members for The Challenge: USA, including Big Brother, which brought multiple competitors onto the CBS spinoff.

The majority of them came from the Big Brother 23 season. However, coming from the same season of a show doesn’t necessarily mean everyone’s in one big happy alliance. In a preview clip from the upcoming fourth episode, viewers see two players looking for potential revenge.

Derek Xiao and Alyssa Lopez are in a scene where they’re whispering about some of their castmates. Derek slurps hard on some soup as he listens to Alyssa’s ideas.

She mentions the best thing for his game might be if Survivor’s Shantel Smith and Xavier Prather, the winner of their Big Brother 23 season, go into elimination and get sent home.

In a confessional, Derek mentions he knows “the background of every Survivor player in this compound,” which has him contemplating game moves on The Challenge: USA.

“I know what Shan did on her season. She’s a very cutthroat player, and we can’t really trust X either because of what he’s done in the past. All this together makes me nervous about who to trust and who not to trust,” Derek says.

Alyssa says she was ‘backstabbed’ on Big Brother

In the clip above, Alyssa says her No. 1 ally in The Challenge: USA is Derek Xiao, mentioning that they both were backstabbed on Big Brother 23.

That season featured the dominant Cookout alliance, which included Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, Kyland Young, and Xavier Prather. 

With all six members advancing to the final six in Big Brother, it made history as the show’s first season to have an entirely African-American Final 6.

Alyssa was also one of Xavier’s allies in the house but ultimately ended up evicted as part of the Cookout’s plan, finishing seventh overall.

Derek Xiao finished in 10th place in the game. He and Alyssa were part of the Big Brother 23 Jury, which also included Cookout members Tiffany, Hannah, Kyland, and Azah. 

“Basically, me and Derek were a pawn in The Cookout’s game. We really want them to know what that feels like,” Alyssa said in the video clip above.

Big Brother 23 brought Tiffany, Xavier, Kyland, Azah, Alyssa, and Derek X to The Challenge: USA. In addition, Big Brother stars Enzo Palumbo, Angela Rummans, and David Alexander are part of the cast.

Did video clip reveal Episode 4 spoilers?

With Alyssa and Derek having their chat in the video above, it seems Derek mentioned Sarah [Lacina], possibly revealing he and the Survivor star get teamed up for the Episode 4 daily challenge.

The clip also revealed that another Big Brother star, David Alexander, may be teamed up with Love Island’s Justine Ndiba. As viewers saw in the previous episode, Justine came through in an elimination win, saving herself and teammate Domenick Abbate from a potential loss.

Viewers find out the new pairs for each daily challenge at the start of a new episode, thanks to the Algorithm randomizer, a large board at The Arena with all the cast members’ names. The twist randomly assigns each player a new partner to change up the game.

Based on a teaser trailer after The Challenge: USA, Episode 3, the Episode 4 daily event will be host TJ Lavin’s favorite game, trivia. Competitors will have harnesses on and stand on a platform attached to the side of a tall building. An incorrect answer or several seems to result in a trap door opening below them and the player dropping.

One has to wonder where the questions will come from, as some of the recent trivia on MTV’s main show and Paramount Plus’ All Stars spinoff arrived from knowing The Challenge’s history.

However, viewers saw on All Stars 3 that questions were from various categories ranging from music to geography to spelling different words. Most likely, The Challenge: USA stars will have similar trivia questions to answer, with mastermind TJ Lavin laughing at those who fail miserably.

The teaser trailer for Episode 4 also featured two of the game’s top competitors, Survivor’s Tyson Apostol and Big Brother’s Angela Rummans, chatting about wanting to eliminate all the weaker players from the competition. It should be interesting to see who wins the power in the episode and which team ends up going home.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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