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The Challenge: USA, Episode 3 recap: Who went home during third elimination results?

tyson apostol in the challenge usa episode 3
Tyson Apostol during The Challenge: USA, Episode 3. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

As The Challenge: USA, Episode 3 opened, the Algorithm randomly chose new pairs for the next day’s challenge. Some new teams included Kyland Young with Angela Rummans, Xavier Prather with Cayla Lee Platt, Sarah Lacina with Cinco Holland, and Tyson Apostol with Alyssa Lopez.

After everyone got paired up, TJ Lavin sent them back to the house with encouragement, saying he hadn’t “seen a group this heavy in heart in a long time.”

The three Amazing Race stars met and discussed needing to stick together and stay under the radar. James Wallington got teamed up with Survivor’s Tasha Fox, who promised she’ll work hard as his partner.

Derek Xiao’s new partner was Shantel Smith. Derek talked in his confessional about Shan previously betraying a castmate on Survivor and having a “Shanthem” theme song for it.

Cashay Proudfoot talked to Sarah about her situation with Cinco. Cashay started to get emotional while discussing their relationship. Cashay’s new teammate, Domenick Abbate, didn’t want her to have any distractions.

Angela and Tyson spoke about strategy going forward. Tyson said they have to eliminate the weakest people now so they won’t be partners with them. He told her that they’re “the two top dogs.”

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