Who is Tasha Fox on The Challenge: USA and where can you find her on Instagram?

tasha fox in the challenge usa promo video
Tasha Fox appears in a promotional video for The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Viewers get to see Tasha Fox on The Challenge: USA, a spinoff show which brings the stars of CBS reality shows into the world of MTV’s longtime competition series.

The new show includes contestants who appeared on CBS’ The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Love Island, and Survivor, making for a unique version of the competition.

Tasha is amongst several former Survivor competitors appearing on the show, along with former winners Tyson Apostol and Sarah Lacina.

She lasted at least 33 days in the two seasons of the show she appeared in and was a co-runner-up for one of the seasons.

Despite having that experience and other Survivor stars there with her for The Challenge: USA, she doesn’t necessarily have an advantage in what is also a cutthroat game.

Here are more details about Tasha Fox, including age, where she’s from, her strengths and weaknesses, and where to find her on social media.

Who is Tasha Fox on The Challenge: USA?

Tasha Fox is a 45-year-old reality TV star and accountant from St. Louis, Missouri, competing in The Challenge: USA spinoff series. Tasha, formerly a St. Louis Rams cheerleader in the NFL, previously competed in CBS’ Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Cambodia shows.

She lasted 33 days during the Cagayan season in 2013 and finished sixth out of the 18 contestants. Her Cambodia season in 2015 was even better, as Tasha lasted 39 days and was a co-runner-up with Spencer Bledsoe.

Now she’s part of CBS’ The Challenge: USA, which includes daily challenges and elimination events that test competitors’ physical and mental abilities. Tasha appeared in several promotional videos for the show, talking about her strengths, weaknesses, talents, pet peeves, and more.

During one video, Tasha revealed that she’s a professional bodybuilder and that “when you unleash the beast, they’re not ready.” For a pet peeve, she said she hates when someone takes over her conversation because she’s usually strategic in what she’s doing.

Regarding a personal mantra, Tasha said she’d like to stick to “Fluid, flexible and fearless” when on The Challenge: USA.

In another promo video featuring Survivor stars on The Challenge: USA, Tasha said her strength is figuring out people’s motivations and using those to influence them. Her weakness is her “aggressiveness when it comes to challenges.”

“I go hard, and if I’m on a team like I’m gonna push my team hard, and that may come off like a little off-putting or aggressive. Like I hate to lose,” she said.

Another tidbit that Tasha revealed was that she was in a relationship when she went to film for The Challenge: USA. She said she had a house renovation done and started dating her contractor.

On the CBS spinoff show, Tasha has potential allies from Survivor. Along with former winners Sarah and Tyson, other Survivor stars on the show include Shantel Smith, Desi Williams, Ben Driebergen, Domenick Abbate, and Danny McCray.

Where can you find Tasha on Instagram and social media?

Survivor and The Challenge: USA star Tasha Fox has an official Instagram with just over 6,000 followers via the handle @msfoxytasha.

She’s not quite as active on the IG platform as some of her castmates, but like many of them, Tasha shared her official cast photo reveal for the spinoff.

“Ready for another adventure!!! The Challenge on CBS!!” she wrote in her caption.

Following the spinoff show’s premiere episode, Tasha shared a group photo featuring most of her Survivor co-stars from The Challenge: USA.

They included Domenick, Ben, Sarah, Tyson, Shantel, and Danny, who showed their support for Team Survivor.

In addition to Instagram, fans can follow Tasha Fox on Twitter. She’s currently at the handle @msfoxytasha and has a higher follower count than IG at over 17,000 followers.

She hasn’t been quite so active on Twitter, though, but may share some of her thoughts about The Challenge: USA as the episodes continue throughout the season.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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