The Challenge: USA, Episode 3 sneak peek shows Hang on Man daily challenge

danny mccray in the challenge usa episode 3
Survivor star Danny McCray during The Challenge: USA, Episode 3. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Challenge: USA is putting the stars of Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor, and The Amazing Race to the test physically and mentally with various daily challenges.

In Episode 3 of the spinoff show, they’ll be participating in a human version of the game Hangman, according to host TJ Lavin. A new sneak peek for the upcoming episode dropped online a day before the episode’s arrival.

Their latest daily challenge is called Hang on Man, following the previous challenges Down to Do the Math and Yeah Buoy. Once again, the competitors will get randomly paired up with new partners.

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The random partner twist arrived after the premiere episode’s elimination, as TJ revealed the Algorithm randomizer, a large board with all of the competitors’ names on it. Flashing lights stop on a person’s name and then show who their new partner is.

So far, one individual has separated themselves from the rest of the field, and he’ll be looking to win his third-straight competition.

However, previous teaser footage showed another Survivor star is looking to start intimidating the rest of the women on the spinoff show.

Hang on Man daily challenge revealed for The Challenge: USA

In a sneak peek for The Challenge: USA’s third episode, host TJ Lavin shares details for the next daily challenge for the competitors. It’s called Hang on Man and is a human version of Hangman combining puzzles and physical stamina.

To start, teammates race across the playing field to grab a stair. They’ll continue getting stairs so they can build a staircase on the side of a large container and climb to the top.

Once they reach the top of that container, one of the teammates has to balance on a narrow plank while holding a rod across their back. That rod has a rope hanging off each side.

The other teammate will take letters from the top of the container and use them to guess letters for a phrase on a large puzzle board. If they guess an incorrect letter, it adds a 10-pound weight bag to the pole their partner is holding. If the person on the plank falls at any time, their team is out.

The objective is to get enough correct letters in the phrase so their partner can guess what the phrase is. The team to get their phrase first wins, while the team that performs worst in the event gets sent straight into the elimination.

The Challenge: USA - Declarations of Independence (Sneak Peek)

Based on the preview footage above, one of the teams revealed will be Tyson Apostol with Big Brother star Alyssa Lopez. In the sneak peek, Alyssa feels good about their chances to win based on Tyson’s success in the previous two daily events.

Three competitors have qualified for TJ Lavin’s final

With the arrival of the third episode of the spinoff series, more competitors are hoping to become eligible for TJ Lavin’s final in The Challenge: USA.

During the premiere, the host informed everyone he was starting them with $1,000 each in their bank accounts, but to qualify for the final, they’d need $5,000. To earn money, they’d need to win daily challenges or eliminations. As of the first two episodes, the only man to qualify is Survivor star Tyson Apostol.

He was on the winning team for the premiere episode’s daily challenge, Down to Do the Math. Big Brother star Angela Rummans was Tyson’s teammate, and they each received $5,000 in their personal bank accounts with the win.

In The Challenge: USA, Episode 2, Tyson was randomly paired up with Love Island star Justine Ndiba. They went on to win the daily challenge called Yeah Buoy, as they put together nine words, the most of any team.

Tyson added another $5,000 to his bank account with his second win, bringing him to $11,000. Justine banked $5,000 as well, making her eligible to run in TJ’s final.

That said, they are the only three individuals to qualify so far. If Tyson continues to win daily challenges, it could become a problem for his fellow castmates, and they’ll probably be looking to oust him from the game.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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