The Challenge: USA’s Xavier Prather says he’s won’t treat his castmates as friends anymore

xavier prather during the challenge usa episode 4
Xavier Prather during The Challenge: USA, Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Following his time on The Challenge: USA, Big Brother star Xavier Prather says he has a new outlook on how he’ll treat his castmates from reality television.

Xavier, the winner of Season 23, is among several Big Brother stars who appeared in the cast for CBS’ spinoff version of MTV’s The Challenge.

During Big Brother, he was part of the dominant Cookout alliance and formed friendships with members of that group and other castmates.

Those friendships didn’t necessarily come into play on The Challenge: USA, as Xavier discovered he had a target on his back early in the game.

He recently spoke about several of his BB castmates who took a shot at getting some revenge on him during the CBS spinoff show.

This report will contain spoilers through Episode 4 of CBS’ The Challenge: USA.

Big Brother winner was early target in The Challenge: USA

While the Survivor stars in The Challenge: USA went with a “Survivor Strong” motto, that wasn’t the same for the Big Brother players in the game. In particular, Big Brother 23 stars weren’t on the same page.

The show featured multiple cast members from BB 23, including the season’s winner Xavier Prather and Cookout alliance members Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, and Azah Awasum.

Additionally, Alyssa Lopez and Derek Xiao were on The Challenge: USA. They weren’t part of The Cookout and were looking to get some revenge on Xavier for the “backstabbing” he did to them during BB 23. Alyssa was looking for revenge on Xavier, even though he was supposedly her close friend.

She ended up as Kyland’s teammate for Episode 4 of the spinoff. The duo went on to win the trivia challenge, giving them the power to determine who to put into elimination.

With the losing team of David Alexander and Justine Ndiba automatically in elimination, Kyland and Alyssa had a few choices that may have served them best.

Some people felt sending in Love Island stars Cinco Holland and Shannon St. Clair would’ve made the most sense strategically. However, Alyssa and Kyland saw it as the perfect time to send in Xavier with his teammate Shantel Smith.

Their decision worked in their favor as far as revenge goes. David and Justine won the elimination event, Smash In Puzzle Out, to oust Xavier and Shan from the game.

After losing in the event, Xavier didn’t have many nice things to say about his castmates, who put him into elimination.

“I played Big Brother Season 23, and I backstabbed everyone, and they’re all petty little b***hes about it,” Xavier said in his confessional, adding, “That’s why Tyson [Apostol] and the rest of his Survivor f***ing juggernauts are gonna take y’all out because y’all don’t have any backup now.”

“I’m still rich. Y’all are broke, and y’all are stupid,” Xavier said in his heated post-elimination remarks.

Shan and Xavier speak on relationships with castmates after elimination

After their aired elimination in Episode 4, Shan and Xavier appeared in several exit interviews on YouTube. During an interview for US Weekly (below), the eliminated competitors spoke about their relationships with Alyssa and Kyland after the game.

Shan said she doesn’t have friendships with either of them. She said she didn’t like what she saw from Kyland on Big Brother, adding she doesn’t like him as a person and sees him as a “user and a manipulator.”

As for Alyssa, Shan said she doesn’t “believe her as a person” based on things that happened outside the show.

“I think she’s always playing Big Brother. I think she’s got a lot of issues she’s gotta work through like in her life that she just hasn’t taken the time to do. In the short time that I’ve gotten to know her, I just didn’t enjoy her as a person,” Shan said.

Meanwhile, Xavier said he would start viewing his castmates differently than he had before.

“I would say for me moving forward; I would try to take a page out of Dr. Will’s book, which is where he viewed people that he went on these shows with more as coworkers than friends. I think that’s an approach I’m gonna try to take similarly moving forward,” Xavier said.

“By all means, I don’t find them to be bad people, and I’m not going to address anything that they’re dealing with personally because I think everyone has their own battles that they’re fighting,” he said.

He reiterated that he’s going to treat relationships with Alyssa and Kyland moving forward “more like a coworker type of relationship” than before.

Based on comments from Xavier, Alyssa getting revenge on him in The Challenge: USA seems to have truly fractured their close friendship, which viewers saw emerge on Big Brother 23. Time will tell if they can get back on those friendly terms or will simply remain “coworkers” as he said in the interview.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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1 year ago

Such a sore loser considering you did the exact same thing!!!! Karmas a b*ch isn’t it Xavier??? ? ??? so glad when you lost bye bye

1 year ago

He just can’t handle it when someone does him the same way he did them. Glad they got him out

1 year ago

He allowed Tiffany to get backdoored