The Challenge: Syrus Yarbrough shows off his impressive physical transformation, All Stars castmates react

syrus yarbrough in the challenge all stars season 1
The Challenge star Syrus Yarbrough showed his impressive physical transformation in a new IG video. Pic credit: Paramount+

With many cast members returning for The Challenge: All Stars spinoff series, it’s been years since they appeared on MTV’s grueling competition series.

While some continued to pursue physical fitness in their time away from reality TV, others settled into other pursuits and may have neglected that aspect of their lives.

Just recently, Syrus Yarbrough showed that he committed himself to improving in that area, as he shared an incredible look at his improved physique at an older age.

Syrus shares incredible physique in video

The first season of The Challenge: All Stars featured many OG stars from Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat, including Mark Long, Trishelle Canatella, Katie Cooley, Jisela Delgado, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, and Syrus Yarbrough.

Some of them were admittedly not in the best shape to compete but still showed they had what it took to give each challenge their all. For example, Big Easy proved his doubters wrong as he made it to the final and finished it.

Meanwhile, Syrus had an incident where he hurt his ankle just walking around outside The Challenge house. While he gave each competition his all, that ultimately cost him in an elimination event involving climbing onto walls and jumping down to the ground.

He didn’t return for The Challenge: All Stars 2, although many of his OG castmates did. However, it appears that Syrus has been taking his fitness very seriously while away from TV or streaming TV.

In an Instagram video (below), the 50-year-old Syrus shows pics of himself in his heavier days, and then the photos transition by video slide effects into a look at his much trimmer and in-shape self.

“B4 & After. Pony Keg to 6Pack -50+lbs. Daily sweat ? No days off! Average never! Strive to be great #dontsettle
Anyone want to join the journey,” Syrus wrote in an IG video caption.

Syrus, a former champion on the Extreme Challenge season of MTV’s show, made it to Episode 5 of the spinoff series. In that installment of All Stars, he and Beth Stolarczyk were the last-place team in the daily challenge, automatically sending them into elimination.

Syrus called out Alton Williams as his opponent, and then Alton wisely chose Aneesa Ferreira to be his partner in the elimination event. They’d go on to win the Over and Under event, sending Syrus and Beth home for the season.

The Challenge castmates react to Syrus’ physical transformation

Many of Syrus’ castmates from The Challenge past and present reacted to seeing how much he’s worked on himself in the offseason. That included The Godfather Mark Long, who has maintained an impressive physique at age 50.

“Sooooo proud of you my man!!!! Put in that WERKKKK,” All Stars’ Mark Long told his castmate.

syrus yarbrough physique gets mark long comment
Pic credit: @syrusmtv/Instagram

“Yes! The Real King ? of Reality TV,” commented Syrus’ friend Beth Stolarczyk.

beth stolarczyk comments syrus yarbrough instagram post
Pic credit: @syrusmtv/Instagram

Syrus’ All Stars castmate Ace Amerson commented that his friend looks ready for a fourth season of the spinoff series.

ace amerson reacts syrus yarbrorugh ig post
Pic credit: @syrusmtv/Instagram

While several castmates commented on Syrus’ post, All Stars 1 and 2’s Laterrian Wallace shared the video on his Instagram page as well.

“So proud of this guy @syrusmtv! Y’all witnessed first hand via social media he puts in that work! You make me want to go harder in the gym young king!” Laterrian wrote in the caption.

Laterrian seems to get along with most of his OG castmates, although he had that feud going on with Alton Williams during All Stars. He even mentioned his desire to face him in a one-on-one elimination rather than a team event like they had in their season.

Syrus replied to LT, giving him credit for inspiring him to make significant changes in his life and improve his body.

syrus replies laterrian wallace comments ig post
Pic credit: @iamlaterrian/Instagram

If he was on Season 2 of All Stars, Syrus might be part of the strong King’s Palace alliance with Laterrian, Nehemiah Clark, Teck Holmes, and others.

Nonetheless, it appears based on his recent transformation video, that he’s ready to compete with his fellow OGs for the prize money and bragging rights. Bring on that next season of All Stars, or even the main Challenge, for Syrus!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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