The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast member calls King’s Palace a joke, alliance members fire back

the kings palace alliance members celebrate in all stars 2 the challenge
The King’s Palace alliance celebrates in The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

In The Challenge: All Stars 2 season, the alliance known as King’s Palace has put a stamp on the game, as they’ve managed to keep their members safe from elimination en route to possibly competing in the final.

However, not everyone’s a fan of the alliance, including one castmate who recently commented about the group on social media.

That led to several of the King’s Palace alliance members firing back, one of whom remarked getting rid of that particular castmate.

This report contains spoilers through Episode 7 of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars 2 spinoff series.

King’s Palace featured heavily in All Stars 2

Early in The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes, it became apparent that a strong alliance had formed featuring OGs Nehemiah Clark, Teck “Money” Holmes, and Latterian Wallace. They were dubbed King’s Palace by Nehemiah.

The three castmates appeared in the first season of the spinoff series, although each got eliminated without getting anywhere near the All Stars final.

That looks like it could change based on their success in the game for the second season, as the alliance has managed to oust some powerful former champions from the game.

That included Nehemiah helping castmates figure out a way to put three-time champion Derrick Kosinski into an elimination to lose to Brad Fiorenza, and Latterian sending two-time champion Tyler Duckworth home.

Melinda Collins was also part of the Kings’ Palace alliance early on since she was Nehemiah’s former castmate and All Stars 2 teammate. By the season’s seventh episode, they’d also added Jasmine Reynaud and Ayanna Mackins as potential alliance members, as they were teammates with Latterian and Teck, respectively.

On Friday, MTV’s The Challenge Instagram shared a video clip to tease Episode 7 with Jonna Mannion, and MJ Garrett featured in the footage as potential threats to disrupt the alliance.

“The King’s Palace might be on the chopping block if Jonna and MJ get their way… ?,” the caption said.

All Stars 2, Episode 7 featured the Kings’ Palace celebrating early, even showcasing their musical talents with their catchy Save The Palace song. Later in the episode, the group faced issues, with Teck and Nehemiah potentially squaring off in elimination.

That happened after Teck and Ayanna finished last in the daily challenge. In addition, the daily challenge’s winners, Brad and Jodi Weatherton, nominated Nehemiah and Melinda for elimination, with the majority of castmates voting them in.

Luckily for them, their castmate Casey Cooper discovered she was pregnant, resulting in Casey and her teammate Cohutta Grindstaff being the episode’s eliminated team. With that medical DQ, the Kings’ Palace was saved for an episode.

They’ll likely be celebrating that elimination avoidance in Episode 8, as TJ Lavin’s final gets closer by the episode.

All Stars 2 castmate calls alliance a ‘joke’

In MTV’s The Challenge IG post above, Tyler Duckworth jumped into the comments to show his support for castmates MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion while calling King’s Palace a “joke.”

“TeamJonneAndMJ All The Way!! Kings Palace is a joke,” Tyler commented on the IG post.

That prompted Kings Palace members Nehemiah and Latterian to comment to Tyler about his comment after Brad mentioned, “Tyler going hard this AM.”

“@bradfiorenza hahah, right. Tell ’em why you mad ?” Nehemiah replied.

“@themightyduckworth oh word homeboy? Got you,” Laterrian told Tyler.

tyler duckworth ig comment about all stars 2 castmates
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

Laterrian and Tyler faced off in the classic Challenge elimination, Pole Wrestle, during Episode 6 of the All Stars 2 season. Tyler couldn’t withstand Laterrian’s strength despite giving his all as LT yanked the pole away in two rounds to eliminate Tyler.

Tyler’s comments about King’s Palace are likely playful in nature, although one never knows if there might be a feud or rivalry going on between OG castmates that has yet to be revealed!

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