The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 6 recap: An unplanned exit and an elimination battle

the challenge all stars 2 cast members in episode 6 daily
Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars 2 prepare for Episode 6 daily challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

The cast returned to The Challenge house with Teck Holmes and Melinda Stolp celebrating their elimination wins. They had a mini in-room dance party with Nehemiah Clark and Laterrian Wallace to celebrate the King’s Palace alliance winning.

Brad Fiorenza was processing the alliance that had formed. He realized he and his friend Nehemiah were on different teams in this game, which was new for him.

Janelle Casaneve and Tyler Duckworth had a private chat about how to play going forward without going into eliminations. Tyler said in confessional that he knows this won’t be an easy ride on All Stars as a two-time champion. He said he needed to perform better and play to win.

Jasmine Reynaud talked about how good it feels to be close to the final as an All Stars cast member. Jonna Mannion said in confessional her friend is really surprising her as a competitor.

Kendall Sheppard made a call back home to talk to her family, including her three boys. Her sons said they missed her and were counting on her to win.

Competitors team up for Deep Dive challenge

All Stars 2 host TJ Lavin introduced the next daily challenge to the competitors as they stood before a cenote, a giant sinkhole full of groundwater and rainwater. 

The competitors had to team up in pairs, so TJ had them all choose partners before starting. Tyler was about to partner with Casey Cooper until Cohutta Grindstaff came over to steal her. 

The teams were Teck with Ayanna Mackins, Melinda with Nehemiah, Kendal with Laterrian, Jonna with MJ Garrett, Jasmine with Tyler, Brad with Jodi, and Janelle with Darrell.

There were four black buoys with skulls on them in the cenote. There were treasure chests attached to the buoy 15 feet below the water’s surface with puzzle pieces inside. The competitors had to jump into the cenote, go underwater and retrieve the puzzle pieces to bring back to shore to solve the puzzle.

the challenge all stars 2 episode 6 daily challenge puzzle
Teck Holmes and Ayanna Mackins solve a puzzle in the All Stars 2 daily challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

They had two options to make the dive. Competitors could jump from the main platform 30 feet above the water, or climb down a ladder to jump from a platform 15 feet above the water. It was a timed event, so the team to finish the puzzle quickest won.

Kendal had a fear of going underwater. She jumped from the 30-foot platform, but when she got in the water, she struggled because her ribs were sore and she had issues breathing. Kendal kept going, though. She and LT solved the puzzle quickly when they got back to shore.

Jasmine and Tyler struggled with the puzzle as it took them a while to solve. That time may have cost them, and Jasmine was upset.

The teams of Melinda and Nehemiah, Cohutta and Casey, Teck and Ayanna, Darrell and Janelle, and Brad and Jodi, MJ and Jonna, performed exceptionally well. 

After they finished the challenge, TJ asked if everyone liked working with their partners because they’d be their partners the rest of the season. TJ revealed the daily challenge losers were Tyler and Jonna. Brad and Jodi and Janelle and Darrell were seconds apart, but Brad and Jodi were the winners.

Nominees situation and voting for elimination

The winners, Brad and Jodi, met up to pick teams for nominees rather than individuals. They started by putting the Lifeshield holders on the board, so they put Teck, Ayanna, Nehemiah, and Melinda’s names. 

Brad said their goal was to burn the Lifeshields and send in Laterrian and Kendal. They nominated MJ and Jonna as a burn vote. Jasmine was worried about having two potentially tough opponents as nominees.

Later on, Kendal realized she was hurting more than previously thought from the daily challenge. She mentioned having a connective tissue disorder and that she dislocated joints easily. One of her ribs was out a bit, and she said she felt trouble breathing. She left to get checked out at a hospital.

The next day, the cast met up to vote for the elimination team to face Jonna and Tyler. Kendal wasn’t present for the vote due to getting checked on medically. Most people voted for her and Laterrian to go into the elimination.

Jasmine talked with Jonna about going into elimination again. She said she wanted to get to a final already. Laterrian said the love he’s getting from his alliance is unmatched, but he came to “bust people’s a**” and win the money. Tyler said he’s not afraid to go against anyone and has faced some of the heavy hitters in the game.

Elimination features missing competitor, classic event

The cast showed up for the elimination at the Arena. TJ brought Tyler and Jasmine out first. He called out Laterrian and Kendal. TJ informed the cast that Kendal was medically unable to continue and out for the rest of the season.

Due to Kendal’s absence, Jasmine didn’t have to go into elimination. So that meant it would be Tyler vs. Laterrian.

TJ revealed they were playing a “Challenge staple” with Pole Wrestle. Laterrian won the same event in All Stars Season 1 against Ace Amerson.

They eventually went out of bounds on the first attempt as they wrestled. After a struggle, Laterrian picked up the first round. Tyler did his best to hold onto the pole in the second round, but Laterrian continued to smash him to the ground and ultimately yanked it away to win.

tyler and laterrian in the challenge all stars 2 elimination
Tyler Duckworth and Laterrian Wallace battle in Pole Wrestle for All Stars 2 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

Tyler had a bandage wrapped around his right hand and upper arm post-elimination. He said Laterrian “beat the s**t” out of him in that elimination, and he respected him even more after an “epic” battle. They hugged it out at the Arena.

Jasmine came over to become Laterrian’s new teammate. LT said in confessional that nobody there has more hear than Jasmine, so she’s a good teammate.

In a confessional interview before exiting, Tyler said of his return to The Challenge that every moment was well worth it.

“All these people have truly touched me- they’ve touched my heart,” he said.

With the win, Laterrian and Jasmine got Lifeshields to keep themselves safe from the next elimination or save someone else.

As the show closed out, Jodi said whoever makes it to the end in this will “100 percent deserve it, because you’re gonna have to work for it.”

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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