The Challenge spoilers: USA women revealed for global tournament competitors

sarah lacina during the challenge usa
The Challenge: USA winner Sarah Lacina will compete in The Challenge global tournament. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

As MTV’s The Challenge has continued to expand with spinoffs behind the main show, a global tournament will crown the first-ever Challenge World Champion.

With that, a field of worthy contenders will participate in the tournament, including former winners and finalists.

Viewers who watched The Challenge: USA spinoff on CBS heard about the upcoming tournament from host TJ Lavin, who reminded everyone of the event set for Paramount Plus.

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TJ revealed that The Challenge: USA winners would be among those heading to the global tournament. Those winners were former Survivor stars Sarah Lacina and Danny McCray.

Online spoilers recently revealed Sarah as one of 10 women from American reality TV shows competing in the tournament.

This report will contain spoilers for the nine other women in the tournament, including the recent winner of Ride or Dies on MTV.

Spoilers: USA women revealed for Challenge global tournament

This week, the names of 10 women from MTV’s The Challenge, Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars, and CBS’ The Challenge: USA were revealed as competitors for the upcoming global tournament.

As mentioned, The Challenge: USA winner Sarah Lacina will lead the way. Several other recent Challenge winners from MTV will join her.

Spies, Lies & Allies winner Kaycee Clark is amongst those in the tournament, along with Amber Borzotra, winner of Double Agents.

Also shown in the cast is Jonna Mannion, who won The Challenge: All Stars 2 and 3 seasons. Her fellow All Stars castmates Nia Moore and Jodi Weatherton are also listed as competitors (below).

The Challenge star Tori Deal was also amongst the revealed women heading to the global tournament. Based on spoilers revealed weeks ago, Tori was one of the winners of MTV’s Ride or Dies season.

There are several women listed as competitors for the tournament who haven’t won any season of The Challenge. Along with Nia, The Challenge: USA’s Justine Ndiba and Alyssa Lopez are also competing.

Justine was the winner of her season of CBS’ Love Island and reached the final in The Challenge: USA. Alyssa nearly reached the final, losing to her friend Angela Rummans in an elimination just before TJ announced the finalists.

Interestingly, finalists Desi Williams, Angela Rummans, and Cayla Platt weren’t among those revealed, which could be due to them turning down the call.

The cast members could also change, with alternates, cancelations, or replacements possible before or during the filming.

World championship tournament details

As of this report, the specific format for how The Challenge global tournament will work is unknown. It’s unknown if this will follow a traditional Challenge season with daily challenges followed by eliminations and a final to crown the winners.

Along with the individuals revealed above, there are also men from American reality TV revealed for the tournament, including former MTV Challenge winners.

Previous details indicated that winners of three other Challenge spinoffs based on Argentina, Australia, and the United Kingdom reality TV shows would participate. With that, there could also be finalists from those spinoffs included in the global tournament.

Based on previous spoiler details, The Challenge global tournament is rumored to begin filming in late October or early November, so the cast may be getting ready to depart very soon. The tournament location is South Africa.

As mentioned, streaming network Paramount Plus will have the episodes of The Challenge global tournament, which will likely have a different show name. The number of episodes is currently unknown.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds | Paramount+

Most likely, any eliminations, exits, or other spoiler details will start to surface online as the global tournament is filming, so stay tuned!

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: USA episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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