The Challenge star Turbo calls out Ride or Dies castmates after premiere: ‘Be Lion or Sheep’

turabi turbo camkiran in the challenge ride or dies premiere
Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran appears in a confessional interview for The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies season is underway, featuring several returning champions hungry to win another season of MTV’s competition series.

For the 38th season, the cast brings back former winners Johnny Bananas, Jordan Wiseley, Darrell Taylor, Veronica Portillo, Amber Borzotra, Laurel Stucky, and Kaycee Clark.

There’s also War of the Worlds champion Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, who makes his return after a hiatus of several seasons. Viewers last saw him kicked off in his second season, War of the Worlds 2, due to heated altercations with Jordan and others.

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With Ride or Dies, he returned alongside his friend Tamara Alfonso in an attempt to work with her toward winning a share of the $1 million in prize money.

However, Turbo’s return immediately kicked the drama into overdrive in the premiere episode, as he got into it with a few of his veteran castmates, namely Laurel and Devin Walker.

Now Turbo is on social media with some entertaining trash-talking toward his castmates, or the former champ is legitimately calling people out as the Ride or Dies season gets started.

Turbo calls out multiple Ride or Dies castmates?

Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday, Turbo shared an interesting post featuring a black-and-white photo of a proud lion surrounded by many sheep.

The sheep feature the names of various Ride or Dies cast members, including Devin, Jordan, Bananas, Laurel, Tori Deal, Sam Bird, Fessy Shafaat, Nelson Thomas, and Nany Gonzalez. Two other sheep are marked with “Another One” rather than specific names.

“Be Lion Or Sheep” is written in bold words in all caps underneath a logo for The Challenge.

Turbo didn’t give anything for a caption beyond hashtags for “#TheChallengeRideOrDies” and “#TheChallenge38.”

Turbo had early drama with castmates

As reported, The Challenge: Ride or Dies premiere featured Turbo getting into it with castmates Laurel and Devin during the episode. The first of his arguments happened as the cast traveled via a luxurious mini-yacht to get to The Challenge house in Argentina.

During the trip, Laurel was pouring champagne into glasses for her castmates but apparently didn’t notice Turbo was behind her asking for some. He called out Laurel for the perceived dis, talking trash towards her and others from the front of the ship.

At one point, he suggested he would volunteer himself for eliminations to take out his castmates “one by one” for the Ride or Dies season. That brought about several confessional interviews, including one from Nelson talking about Turbo and another from Devin calling Turbo the worst wedding guest ever.

There was also a confessional interview during the episode from Fessy with his teammate, Moriah Jadea, where she indicated that Fessy is cocky in competitions. Fessy jokingly asked her if she’d seen Turbo, suggesting he was cockier.

Towards the end of the episode, the first Ride or Dies elimination took place featuring The Draw twist. During that, cast members drew daggers by their visible black handles from a rock. Devin drew the first dagger and yelled out a joke about it.

“It’s a real dagger! Turbo don’t get any ideas. Daggers stay in The Zone,” Devin yelled towards the cast watching from above the elimination venue.

Turbo immediately asked Devin what he meant by the remark, possibly not getting the joke. Devin ultimately apologized for it, with Turbo giving a confessional interview about being a “p***y chicken” following the scene.

That particular name was what Turbo previously called Jordan during their WOTW 2 arguments, which nearly turned into a physical altercation.

In a recent interview, Jordan spoke about returning to the show with his WOTW 2 feud and mentioning that Turbo has an intimidation factor about him, which has kept him from going into any eliminations.

That said, it looks like he could be on the chopping block in a future episode, as a Ride or Dies super trailer scene showed Turbo storming out during interrogation from Bananas and Nany Gonzalez.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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