The Challenge: Ride or Dies super trailer reveals castmates’ hookups, arguments, and ‘crazy eliminations’

tori deal in the challenge ride or dies super trailer
The Challenge’s Tori Deal confronts Jordan Wiseley in a scene from the Ride or Dies super trailer. Pic credit: MTV

Things are about to get crazy again with MTV’s The Challenge! Based on a Ride or Dies super trailer, the season will up the intensity in terms of daily challenges, eliminations, and TJ Lavin’s final.

However, the game also features quite a bit of drama amongst castmates, friends, lovers, ex-lovers, and rivals. New rivals may arrive as the season unfolds.

On Wednesday, The Challenge unveiled a super trailer that runs over three minutes in length and presents a bunch of the craziness fans can expect to see in Season 38.

It shows off the strong bonds that various players have with their teammates and how the game will test their breaking points.

Hookups, arguments, difficult decisions, intense daily events, and brutal eliminations are clearly on the way, based on the latest trailer footage.

Among the highlights is Nany Gonzalez confronting a volatile Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, Jordan Wiseley cuddling with his ex-fiancee’s best friend, and some of the insane events at the new elimination venue.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Super Trailer brings the drama

In Season 38 of MTV’s The Challenge, the Ride or Dies cast features individuals teaming up with a partner with whom they share a special bond. For example, husband-and-wife duo Sam Bird and Kailah Casillas are part of the cast, along with brother-and-sister duo Kaycee and Kenny Clark.

Good friends are also teaming up, including Tori Deal with Devin Walker and Johnny Bananas with Nany Gonzalez. Bananas and Nany are among the Heavy Hitters teams that will make surprise arrivals during the season.

With a seven-time champ as her teammate, Nany isn’t going to take any disrespect from castmates. The super trailer includes several scenes with her confronting or arguing with cast members.

Among them is a scene from the elimination decision room where she calls out former champion Turbo and another where she tells former champ Laurel not to interrupt her. A final scene in the trailer has Bananas talking to Nany and asking if they “need to do this on camera.”

A few hookups also appear in the super trailer, with Bananas reminding everyone why Fessy Shafaat is “Messy Fessy.” Another scene features Jordan getting cozy with his castmate Nurys Mateo.

Since Jordan is Tori’s ex-fiance, his arrival in the game is a significant surprise for her and others. He previously suggested he wouldn’t return on a Challenge season with his ex-fiancee following their breakup. That and his cuddling with a castmate may lead to Tori confronting him, as seen in the trailer footage.

Check out the full super trailer below to see more of what to expect when the new drama and action-packed season arrives.

Eliminations to take place in unique venue

Based on comments from TJ Lavin in the super trailer, eliminations for The Challenge 38 will take place in The Zone, a very different setting for those eliminations.

Footage shows a rectangular venue highlighted by neon purple beams on a rooftop many stories above the ground. That makes for the first time cast members have competed in that higher-up environment for eliminations.

Typically the eliminations have been contested on ground level at The Arena or other venues for these events. Check out a screenshot below of the new venue, The Zone, with an elimination in progress.

the zone in the challenge ride or dies super trailer
The Challenge: Ride or Dies’ eliminations to take place high off the ground at The Zone. Pic credit: MTV

Several Season 38 elimination events are also revealed in the super trailer. In one of them, it appears Jordan and Aneesa are balancing on a neon beam high above the ground, possibly on the side of the building.

Another elimination features a double-stacked Hall Brawl structure with teammates crashing into their opponents. Other events show a competitor lying in liquid or tied to a large rolling wheel.

“The draw is where you get the dirty work done,” Jay Starrett says in part of the trailer, hinting at a twist that may arrive for elimination opponents.

That twist could be similar to what viewers have seen in previous seasons, where potential elimination candidates get to decide their fate by drawing a symbol at The Zone.

Nonetheless, the super trailer certainly has potential for a winning Season 38. It seems to give fans plenty to look forward to in terms of the action and drama as players attempt to reach TJ’s final and win a large portion of prize money!

The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12, at 8/7c on MTV.

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