The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley reveals ‘scary’ part about returning for MTV’s Ride or Dies season

jordan wiseley in the challenge ride or dies cast photo
Jordan Wiseley is back for MTV’s The Challenge in Season 38 aka Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Three-time champion Jordan Wiseley is amongst the star players returning for MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, a season where a strong bond connects teammates.

While he wasn’t part of the Ride or Dies premiere episode, fans already know he shows up at some point, along with his partner, Aneesa Ferreira. Jordan’s arrival comes after his recent return for the Paramount Plus spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars 3.

His joining MTV’s show was due to some quick casting decisions from the production department, as they had to shift around partners and make things happen quickly.

Nonetheless, Jordan has a history as Aneesa’s castmate and friend, as she was on the show for his rookie season, Rivals II, and several other seasons he did.

Fans also know two other Ride or Dies cast members have some interesting history with Jordan. His former fiancee, Tori Deal, and fierce rival, Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, are featured in the season.

Jordan, who said he was “scared” returning for MTV’s The Challenge, recently spoke about what it was like going back into that environment with Tori and Turbo also part of the show.

Jordan shares why returning to The Challenge with Tori was ‘scary’

Longtime viewers of The Challenge know of Jordan and Tori, as they became a couple following their appearances together on MTV’s competition series.

Their relationship grew over the years, ultimately creating a memorable moment in the War of the Worlds 2 season when Jordan got down on one knee and proposed to Tori after winning an elimination. She said yes, and everything seemed on track for them to one day get married.

However, things ultimately fell apart during their engagement period, and the couple split around the time Tori finished filming Double Agents. With rumors already swirling, they officially confirmed their breakup via social media in November 2020.

It got a bit messy with rumors there was cheating involved, which Tori denied vehemently, and the couple appeared to no longer be on friendly terms. Jordan even said at one point that he’d never appear on another season of The Challenge with Tori.

However, Tori responded differently to that proposed situation when speaking to US Weekly, saying she’d have no problem with it.

With MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season, Jordan and Tori reunite as castmates. That brought a scary situation for the three-time champ.

While appearing in a recent interview on Stephen Unscripted, Jordan said he got a call from production about Season 38, and they needed him to leave within five days for Argentina to join the cast. He ultimately agreed because he loves the competition but asked if Tori would be there, which he said production confirmed.

“The reason I’m the most scared to go is because we haven’t seen each other at this point in a year and a half, and so much has happened. And I know we’re gonna talk. There’s no way we’re not gonna be around each other and talk about things, and the emotions come out…So that was the scariest part; we’re going to get into this stuff,” he shared.

Regarding their eventual talks, he said they weren’t sure if they wanted to “give this stuff away” for the cameras or keep it “behind closed doors.”

Viewers saw previews of what’s on the way during trailers and other promotional clips for Ride or Dies. Tori seemingly confronts Jordan after his arrival to The Challenge and then later after he starts getting cozy with another castmate, so some heated discussions will occur.

Jordan comments on his situation with Turbo

Tori’s not the only one that could provide “scary” moments for Jordan during his Ride or Dies season. War of the Worlds champion Turbo is back in the cast and was already getting into it with some of his castmates during the Ride or Dies premiere.

Turbo was part of another volatile situation involving Jordan during their War of the Worlds 2 season. Their heated altercation nearly resulted in a physical fight, and ultimately Turbo got kicked off the show.

Jordan said he hadn’t seen Turbo since their WOTW 2 incident and only tagged him in social media comments here or there since then. However, he didn’t say he was scared about being on the show with him and instead compared their situation to how big fights get promoted.

“It’s all good fun. You know, for me, I’m having fun…This is what we do. We spark competition, and you know we push, we talk. It’s very similar to like the fight game, you know? UFC or like boxing and stuff. We’re hyping this match up so when we eventually meet, like, it’s a thing,” Jordan said.

He suggested that Turbo probably sees it more like “his manhood is on the line.” However, Jordan said he also realizes Turbo has an intimidation factor as part of his gameplay because he’s never been to an elimination.

“Nobody votes for him, and if you ask them, they’ll look you dead in the eye and say, ‘It’s because I think he’ll kill me in my sleep.’ They believe that,” Jordan said.

Check out the full video interview below featuring Jordan on Stephen Unscripted.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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