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The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 10 elimination results: Turbo vs. Jordan, who went home from the show?

team uk had another tense elimination on the challenge war of the worlds 2
Team UK at the Proving Ground on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 10. Pic credit: MTV screencap

The eighth episode of MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 aired on Oct. 30 as the Brits find their team continuing to shrink in size.

However, inner turmoil continues to plague Team USA with Turbo becoming irate at Jordan as the previous episode closed. Here’s the Episode 10 recap including elimination results for who went home on the latest installment.

Turbo vs. Jordan fallout, challenge surprise

The episode picks up with security holding back an enraged Turbo, as Jordan watches from a distance. As he tries to fight them off, the security crew gets Turbo into a room to try to calm him down.

Nany yells at Ashley and Cara. She calls out Ashley who originally instigated things. Turbo is taken away to stay somewhere else for the night to prevent any more outbursts of violence.

Cara, Paulie, and Ashley’s crew decide that they’ll send Tori into the elimination for girls day and Jordan for guys day. They learn at the next challenge that Turbo was sent home due to becoming violent towards cast members and crew.

Jordan feels its Ashley and her alliance’s fault. Cara thinks Jordan caused it.

Due to uneven numbers, TJ randomly chooses who participates for Team USA in the new challenge. Paulie, Nany, and Ashley will sit out while everyone else competes.

The challenge involves footballs thrown into a pool of mud with the two teams trying to retrieve the balls and transport them across a goal line. Players are eliminated along the way until one team prevails.

The UK men play well at this rugby-style challenge with Turbo no longer part of Team USA and win the first heat. That leaves it to the girls. It’s another fierce battle and comes down to Cara Maria against Team UK’s Dee and Kayleigh.

Team UK gets it done and actually wins this one, meaning someone from Team USA is going into elimination.

New Tribunal, elimination choice

The Team UK speaker is Kayleigh, but there’s some arguing. TJ puts it to vote. Kayleigh is voted speaker.

She chooses Jenny and Joss for Tribunal. That means there will be a Team USA meeting to send someone into an elimination for the first time in a while.

Cara and Paulie want Tori sent in since she’s Jordan’s girlfriend. Jordan, Tori, Josh, and Zach discuss having Ninja sent in.

Meanwhile, Leroy tries to talk to Nany saying he will protect her and she is irritated he’s working with the others. She tells him to play the game that’s best for him.

Team USA’s nomination meeting goes as one might expect as tempers flare. Leroy says he won’t say Nany’s name and votes for Tori. Nany is still irritated at Leroy for being part of Cara and Paulie’s alliance.

They get into an argument even though Leroy keeps reminding Nany that he saved her.

More arguing breaks out between Cara and Nany. They finally put it to vote and Tori is nominated. She tells the Tribunal if she wins she will switch to their side.

They ask her who she wants and she says Ashley. However, Tribunal wants Ashley to stick around since she’s on their alliance.

More arguing breaks out once Team USA returns to the house. Nana and Leroy fight more, while Jordan questions why Leroy voted for their team’s strongest female competitor.

They argue over who the weakest girl on their team is. Some feel its Nany. Some say it’s Ninja.

Leroy yells at Jordan, Zach, and Paulie telling them either ride with the team to the finals or figure something else out. Jordan says he’ll go to the other team and whoop his ass.

Cara, Nana, and the Kam alliance talk to Kayleigh about voting in Georgia so it will mess up Jordan and Tori’s plan about Tori switching sides.

Team UK votes together and says they’ll choose Ashley. Kayleigh tries to convince Joss to vote in Georgia later, but he says it’s morally bad. However, he seems to agree.

The Proving Ground battle

It’s finally time for the elimination at Proving Ground. Tori goes down to join TJ. Team UK Tribunal gets to vote the other person in. Jenny votes for Ashley, but then Kayleigh flips the switch.

Theo gets irritated and starts to argue. Jordan yells over that Kayleigh is scared to face Georgia in an elimination. They try to convince Joss not to throw in Georgia, but he is done playing “Mr. Nice Guy” and votes in Georgia.

The elimination is Blockbuster between Tori and Georgia. It’s a large moving puzzle game of blocks. The girls have to try to push as many blocks as they can in for each heat. If they fall off the ledge they lose. They have 90 seconds for each round. Whoever wins two heats is the winner.

TJ blows the horn on the second round. Tori wins it. Georgia is going home. She blasts Joss and Kayleigh before leaving The Proving Ground. Tori chooses to go become a turncoat and switch teams, making her the first to do so.

Watch episodes of The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 on Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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