The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 3 rumors suggest castmates hookup, social media unfollows

the challenge all stars season 1 cast members at daily mission
Many cast members from the first Challenge: All Stars cast will return for Season 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

More drama is on the way when The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive sometime next year for Paramount Plus.

The latest rumors and spoilers give details for potential storylines that viewers will see once the third season of the spinoff unfolds.

Based on The Challenge spoilers, two castmates hooked up while filming, and several cast members may have unfollowed castmates after they finished filming.

There will be spoilers below for The Challenge: All Stars 3, including names of castmates and finalists for the season.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 brings castmates’ hookup

When it comes to The Challenge: All Stars 3, it appears the OGs will have plenty going on. It may feature several castmates hooking up, including new couples and former Real World castmates.

We recently reported about spoilers involving an OG who quit elimination as they felt another cast member was helping their showmance “cheat” in the event. That brought the drama with it, as the cast member who quit called out their opponent for having a showmance despite being married.

A Challenge fan recently asked insider @GamerVev on Twitter if cast member Nia Moore did anything during the All Stars 3 season. According to GamerVev, Nia “f***ed Jordan” at some point during the filming.

gamervev reveals challenge all stars 3 hookup
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Nia and Jordan are former castmates from The Real World: Portland, who became intimate that season despite some tension. They’d go on to become Challenge castmates, with Nia getting angry at Jordan just ahead of the final because of how Jordan and his teammate Sarah Rice voted for elimination.

During Nia’s blowup at her castmate, she called him names and yanked his shorts down. Her actions resulted in her getting kicked off the season just ahead of the final. Her teammate was Leroy Garrett, who gained a returning Theresa Jones as his new partner for the final.

In the past year, fans saw Jordan and Nia reunite, seeming to have squashed any beef between them. They had fans talking based on a “kiss” photo that popped up online. So it may not be a surprise to some people that the former castmates hooked up during All Stars 3.

Several OGs unfollowed castmates after filming

Interestingly, the drama on All Stars 3 may have been so bad between certain castmates that they no longer want anything to do with each other.

GamerVev and various fan accounts have picked up on several All Stars 3 cast members who have unfollowed castmates on social media.

The post below shows them in the third slide indicating numerous social media unfollows have taken place.

Monsters & Critics previously reported about Beth Stolarczyck calling out Jonna Mannion and MJ Garrett during an elimination event, bringing up their showmance despite Jonna’s marriage.

The nature of the other unfollows isn’t known just yet. However, several castmates unfollowed Veronica Portillo, including Wes Bergmann and Mark Long. Veronica unfollowed castmates KellyAnne Judd, Nehemiah Clark, and Jonna Mannion.

Wes also unfollowed OG castmates, Derrick Kosinski and KellyAnne Judd, while Nia Moore unfollowed KellyAnne and Kailah Casillas, so it should be interesting to see what transpired between them.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premiere is TBA.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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