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The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 2, Episode 8 sneak peek reveals divided house as alliances ready to clash

brad fiorenza in the challenge all stars 2 episode 8
Brad Fiorenza appears in The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 8. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge spoilers have arrived ahead of All Stars 2, Episode 8. A sneak preview shows the team alliance situation for the OGs still in the game.

In the previous episode, viewers saw one particular alliance continue to survive for the season as they look to take over The Challenge spinoff’s second season.

Based on the new sneak peek for Episode 8, there’s a divided house in The Challenge: All Stars 2 that could impact the upcoming daily mission and elimination vote.

The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 8 sneak peek revealed

MTV’s The Challenge released a one-minute video from the upcoming All Stars 2, Episode 8, featuring King’s Palace alliance as they celebrate remaining the game.

In the clip, they perform their Save The Palace chant, as Jasmine celebrates along with them. Jasmine’s Real World castmate, Jonna Mannion, enters the room to join the fun. However, Nehemiah Clark tells her to leave for a bit because she voted them into elimination, so she can’t be part of the celebration at the moment.

“We’ll let you in in a second. We just have a couple of things to say about you,” Nehemiah tells her as Teck Holmes laughs about it.

From there, Jonna turns around and exits the room. Shortly after that, she’s shown sitting at a table as Janelle Casaneve tells Brad Fiorenza what just happened, saying Jonna was told to leave although they thought everyone was welcome in that room.

Brad says All Stars 2 house is split in terms of allies

In the sneak peek video above, Cutthroat champion Brad Fiorenza speaks about the alliance situation in The Challenge: All Stars 2 house.

Based on his comments, it’s an even split with three teams aligned on each side of things. On one side is King’s Palace with Teck, Ayanna Mackins, Nehemiah, Melinda, Laterrian, and Jasmine.

On the other side, it’s Brad and Jodi Weatherton, along with Janelle, Darrell Taylor, MJ Garrett, and Jonna Mannion. That will likely play into how things go with the upcoming daily challenge.

In All Stars 2, Episode 7, viewers saw Teck and Ayanna finish as the worst performers in the daily challenge, which automatically sent them into elimination. Brad and Jodi were the winners and nominated Casey Cooper and Cohutta Grindstaff, along with Nehemiah and Melinda, as opponents.

Later on, castmates voted in Nehemiah and Melinda to face Teck and Ayanna. However, things got shaken up at the Arena when TJ Lavin revealed Casey Cooper could no longer continue for the season. She revealed she was pregnant, so she would need to head home.

Sadly for Cohutta, it meant he had to go home too. It also saved the King’s Palace from facing off in the Episode 7 elimination. Will they manage to turn the tables in the next episode, or will another team seize control of the game moving forward?

With Episode 8 set to arrive on Thursday, December 30, one has to think TJ’s final is getting closer in Cancun, Mexico, but which teams will be left standing to compete?

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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