The Challenge Season 38 spoilers: Several early elimination matchups revealed as fans donate to worthy cause

the challenge host tj lavin on location
The Challenge host TJ Lavin will return for Season 38. Pic credit: Paramount+

As MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 began filming in Argentina, spoilers hit the internet for which cast members would compete in the latest installment. Soon after, interested fans started to find out which individuals were eliminated.

However, the elimination matchups aren’t usually released as spoilers until closer to the end of filming. That said, two matchups have now been revealed due to fans rallying behind a significant cause for a former Challenger.

This report will feature spoiler results for the upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge.

Fans show support for former Challenger’s medical situation

Fans of The Challenge have their love and hate for various competitors, but usually, when there’s a serious cause that needs attention involving a cast member, they’ll do all they can. That was the case for former Real World: Portland and The Challenge star Anastasia Miller, whose castmates included Nia Moore, Jordan Wiseley, and Averey Tressler.

Following her Real World season, Anastasia appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II season with RW castmate Jessica McCain.

After recently giving birth to a baby boy, Ernie, Anastasia suffered from various health complications which would require surgery. Unfortunately, she and her significant other could not find any state programs to assist with the expensive medical costs.

She shared her story on her social media, including Instagram, with a GoFundMe page started to assist her family with their medical bills. Various Challenge superfan accounts shared the story to get traction for the story and for others to be able to donate as they could.

Twitter’s @GamerVev, a superfan and The Challenge insider who reveals reliable spoilers shared that they would unveil several of the elimination matchups once Anastasia’s goal was reached.

The Challenge Season 38 elimination matchups revealed

As of Monday, the GoFundMe goal of $6,000 was met. As of this report, it’s continuing to get more donations. With that, GamerVev shared several new spoilers for MTV’s The Challenge Season 38.

Based on a tweet, the husband-wife team of Sam Bird and Kailah Casillas got eliminated by former champion Laurel Stucky and her teammate Jakk Maddox. In another matchup, the rookie team of Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn Rochelle defeated fellow rookies Olivia Kayser and Horacio Gutierrez.

gamervev tweets about the challenge 38 spoilers after gofundme level hit
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Those were just two of the matchups that have taken place so far, as several other teams have been revealed as eliminated from The Challenge Season 38. They’ve included Analyse Talavera, her teammate Tommy Bracco, former champ Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, partner Tamara Alfaro, and Laurel and Jakk.

More spoilers are likely on the way in the coming weeks as the field of competitors continues to get trimmed down ahead of TJ Lavin’s final in Argentina.

It’s also worth noting that people continue to show their generosity by donating to Anastasia Miller’s cause. As of this report, the GoFundMe page shows over $7,000 has been raised.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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