The Challenge Season 38 spoilers: Rumors suggest rookie cheated on boyfriend to get on MTV show

cast members of mtvs the challenge on location
The Challenge cast members meet with host TJ Lavin. Pic credit: Paramount+

A brand new season of MTV’s The Challenge is on the way, with a mixture of veterans and rookies making up the cast. Speculation about some cast members is already running high ahead of episodes even filming.

Rumors are swirling that one of the rookie cast members cheated on her famous boyfriend so that she could get onto MTV’s show.

This report will contain a few spoilers about some cast members rumored to be on The Challenge Season 38, scheduled to film soon in Argentina.

The Challenge Season 38 theme involves allies

Based on online spoilers reports, MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 has a theme involving teammates who are allies, with a working title of Ride or Dies. The teams are male and female pairings consisting of friends, family members, husband-wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

There will be familiar faces returning for the veterans and some newcomers, such as Big Brother and Love Island stars. Additionally, some of the rookies have never been on reality TV before.

One of the returning vets is former Challenge champion Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, who last appeared on the War of the Worlds 2 season. Viewers saw him get involved in a heated altercation with castmate Jordan Wiseley, which eventually got Turbo kicked off the show.

However, he’s had time away from The Challenge and is now back to compete. For his teammate, he’s working with Tamara Alfaro, who is a dancer, influencer, and part-time food blogger.

Based on the online spoilers, she was said to be Turbo’s girlfriend, but new details have emerged suggesting she hasn’t been his girlfriend for very long and may have cheated on a boyfriend to get on the show.

Rumors suggest rookie cheated to get on The Challenge

This past week, an Instagram account called Luxury Posts began to share several posts in which they called out Tamara for cheating on her boyfriend, entrepreneur Sean Azari.

According to Famous Birthdays, Azari is 35 years old and is credited with helping more than 20 brands on their social media since 2015.

One of the first posts arrived earlier this week and claimed Tamara cheated on Azari with Turbo to get onto The Challenge Season 38 as Turbo’s girlfriend.

Another post featured a video compilation of various posts other Instagram accounts shared regarding Tamara cheating with Turbo to get onto The Challenge.

Not a lot is known about Tamara Alfaro, as she’s yet to officially get announced as a member of MTV’s The Challenge Season 38. However, she previously released a casting video where she talks about her passion for dance and her moves to various parts of the globe. The page also lists her as a model.

According to Tamara’s video, she ultimately wound up in Los Angeles. Turbo is from Turkey, so it should be interesting to see how she and Turbo say they officially met to become “boyfriend and girlfriend.” It’ll likely provide an interesting story throughout filming and once episodes arrive on MTV.

The new season of MTV’s The Challenge was supposed to start filming last week, but things paused when someone tested positive for COVID-19. However, the filming should resume on Tuesday, May 31, after the quarantine period ends.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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