The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Reunion has several cast members in heated arguments including off-camera

the challenge star amanda garcia during spies lies allies episode 12
The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia got into it with several castmates at the Season 37 reunion based on online spoilers. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 reunion recently began filming as Spies, Lies & Allies cast members traveled to Amsterdam to participate in the event, and it looks like drama went with them.

While many were happy to see one another at the reunion, at least a few cast members got into arguments during the event.

That included veteran castmate Amanda Garcia getting into it with several of her castmates, with one of the confrontations happening while cameras weren’t filming them.

Former Challenge allies still at odds at reunion

There were quite a few rivalries, feuds, and hurt feelings during the first 12 episodes of the Spies, Lies & Allies season. Some of the events that arrived during the aired footage stung cast members as they watched things back on MTV.

That included Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra, who arrived in the second episode as a replacement for deactivated rookie Lauren Coogan. Amber became Josh Martinez’s partner by default, which meant she believed she was in with the Big Brother alliance.

However, it wasn’t the case, as Amber and viewers found out by Episode 4. Fessy targetted Amber, feeling he had to before she might go after him, so she ended up the first veteran cast member sent into an elimination.

That didn’t sit well with Amber, nor did some of the comments she heard cast members making about her during the televised episodes, including those from Kaycee Clark. Apparently, there were still unresolved issues between the two Big Brother stars at the reunion.

According to Challenge insider @jaychallenge or @jaybackupp_ on Instagram, Kaycee and Amber “got into it” during the Spies, Lies & Allies reunion. Most likely, this will make it into the televised episode, as it was a key story during the season.

amber borzotra kaycee clark clash at spies lies allies reunion
Pic credit: @jaybackupp_/Instagram

Amanda Garcia gets into it with rookie, veteran castmate

Based on other spoilers from what happened at the Season 37 reunion, Amanda Garcia also seems to be providing additional entertainment.

According to The Challenge insider (below), Amanda and Tori Deal also got into an exchange during the event, which seems like it will make it into a reunion episode.

The nature of their argument is unknown, but it could relate to how they played the game or even be about Tori instigating things with Amber Borzotra, Fessy Shafaat, and Josh Martinez during that blowup during the season.

amanda garcia vs tori deal the challenge 37 reunion
Pic credit: @jaycbackupp_/Instagram

Another confrontation or altercation is rumored to have happened off-camera, as Amanda went at it with Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Michele Fitzgerald.

The reunion spoiler arrived via @jaychallenge1 on Twitter as the event was filmed in the past several days in Amsterdam.

jaychallenge1 tweets about season 37 reunion argument
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Twitter

In the past month or so, Amanda brought up how her showmance Fessy had visited Michele a few times after filming Season 37. Amanda later went on to say Fessy dumped Michele to be with her instead.

In addition to that, Amanda suggested that Michele was acting one way with certain castmates but then talking about them behind their back.

Amanda brought both of these topics up during The Challenge: Aftermath show, although Michele was not present for the episode as she was already eliminated from the season.

Unfortunately, it sounds like fans won’t get to see their Season 37 reunion argument or confrontation due to it being off-camera. However, Amanda is known to share things on her social media, including Instagram Live, so more details could be on the way.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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