The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: CT Tamburello makes important call to wife and son in sneak peek

the challenge star ct tamburello calls family during season 37 episode 17
Chris “CT” Tamburello makes an important call home in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 17. Pic credit: MTV

In terms of The Challenge veterans, Chris “CT” Tamburello has proven himself to be among the best of all time due to his competitive abilities and multiple seasons won.

With Spies, Lies & Allies, he’s trying for his fifth winning season, which would put him two victories shy of tying fellow legend Johnny Bananas’ Challenge wins. However, CT also wants to add another distinction to his record.

In a bit of sneak peek footage for an upcoming Season 37 episode, CT gets to call home to speak with his wife and son, to remember who he’ll have waiting for him back home.

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The Challenge star calls home to wife and son

In a sneak peek for Season 37, Episode 17, viewers get to see CT talk with his wife Lili and mention possibly leaving to come home now.

“Should I come home right now?” CT asks, with Lili nodding and saying, “Yes.”

“I should come home? Or should I stay here and win another million,” he says, making Lili change her mind quickly.

“That’s not fair when you put it like that,” Lili replies and reminds her husband she misses him.

CT also gets to see his son CJ on the video call and asks for him to flex his muscles as the father and son exchange fun remarks with each other.

CT, who turned 41 this past July, is currently competing in his 19th season of The Challenge. He’s reached nine finals during his career, winning four of them.

He’s also got his family back home, which many Challenge stars say makes it difficult to continue to do the show. In some instances, competitors, including Cory Wharton, have said they needed to step away from the show to enjoy being with their children as they grow up.

CT and wife still together despite rough patch

CT married model Lili Solares in May 2018, with whom he started a relationship at some point after the passing of his former girlfriend, Diem Brown. However, Lili and CT’s son CJ was born in 2017, which is when many reality TV fans first discovered that CT was dating Lili.

Just ahead of MTV’s The Challenge Season 36, Double Agents, CT revealed he’d been having some marital troubles, leading to him and Lili separating.

While some fans felt they may have divorced since then, that notion seemed to get shot down by Lili. An Instagram post for CT’s birthday back in July had Lili responding to some fans’ comments. A screenshot below, captured by @challengeteaa, shows her replies.

“Back together again!! Love this couple,” a fan commented.

“We never left,” Lili responded on the photo of her looking happy and cozy with CT.

ct tamburello and lili togther july 2021
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

CT ready to achieve next Challenge goal?

During his call home, CT also mentions wanting to accomplish something for his Challenge resume by winning two seasons in a row. Depending on how many more seasons he does, he could even try to tie the four wins in a row set by OG Darrell Taylor.

As the winner of Double Agents alongside Amber Borzotra, CT is currently in a position to capture his second consecutive win. Heading into Season 37, Episode 17, he’s amongst the men’s finalists and has been safe from elimination throughout the season.

With the possibility of him going into elimination in Episode 17, one has to think it could be another men’s rookie getting sent in. Will that rookie dare to call a legend like CT in to compete?

If it’s not a rookie, would a team have the courage to vote CT into the elimination? At this point in the game, the women may have one more elimination left. With that, they may opt not to upset their veteran castmates.

CT has himself in an excellent position to compete in a second-straight final and win it, based on his experience. However, he has several strong competitors in the game with him, looking to achieve their first win ever.

However, he also knows when it’s all said and done, he has some very important people waiting for him to return home.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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