The Challenge Season 37, Episode 17 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

the challenge spies lies and allies episode 17
The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies’ remaining competitors at Episode 17’s daily mission. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 17 opened with the cast’s return to headquarters after Emy Alupei’s fourth elimination win of the season.

In another scene, CT Tamburello made a call home to speak with his wife, Lili, who said she missed him. His son CJ also got on the call to see him. CT said he was going to stick around to try to win them another million dollars.

Tori Deal asked Emanuel Neagu what he’ll do if he wins this season. He said he’d move to the United States and also help his family out. He noted in confessional his family has always struggled with money. 

Tori mentioned her motivation to try to finally win a season. She brought up breaking up with fiancé Jordan Wiseley last year and how it felt like she hit every rock on her way down. Emanuel told Tori he thinks she’ll win the season.

Devin Walker, Logan Sampedro, and Kyle Christie spoke about having CT in the final with them. Nelson Thomas said he knows that when CT makes finals, he usually wins them, so that’s not a good idea.

Competitors face Dead Drop mission

Host TJ Lavin welcomed the remaining competitors to the daily mission, Dead Drop. It involved team members trying to run to reach the other side of a gauntlet hanging up above the water. They had to retrieve one of the 10 capsules and bring it back to the other side.

Opposing team members stood on the other side of the gauntlet and swung large blue “bombs” towards competitors to try to knock them into the water. If a competitor fell, they could climb up a ladder and try again. However, if they fell while holding a capsule, it was out of play. The team to get the most capsules from one side to the other in the fastest time would win the mission.

CT was the only one getting anything done for the Sapphire team as his teammates lost three capsules during their early attempts. However, CT retrieved all seven capsules. CT said he understands how Kyle wants to be on his team to run the final with him, but he needs Kyle’s help to win the daily missions. 

Logan was able to get two capsules for the Ruby team, but Nelson and Tori were not as successful in their attempts.

As Emerald’s Emanuel attempted the mission, he got knocked off, causing TJ to laugh hysterically. TJ also yelled at Amanda, telling her she wasn’t close to running a final if she couldn’t even climb up the ladder to get back to the gauntlet.

The Emerald team got strong performances from Devin, Kaycee, and Emanuel to get seven capsules to tie Sapphire.

In the end, TJ revealed that the Sapphire team, aka CT, got the daily challenge done the fastest. That made them The Agency. It put Nelson, Logan, Devin, and Emanuel up for elimination.

Cast gets special dinner, The Agency’s vote arrives

Devin congratulated Kyle on the win, although Kyle said it was really CT. Devin worried about the elimination but seemed safe due to being a vet.

The cast members got to enjoy a nice dinner out together on the water following the daily mission. The Emerald team spoke about how Devin or Emanuel might get called into elimination.

Tori talked with her teammates Nelson and Logan about them possibly going into the elimination. Nelson said he promised Logan that he wouldn’t call him down as his opponent if he went in.

Everyone assembled for the men’s nominations meeting. Kyle and CT asked the eligible men from Emerald and Ruby to make cases not to go into elimination. 

CT got frustrated because he felt nobody was giving any good reasons not to send them down. The Agency finally voted, and surprisingly, Logan was the Compromised Agent.

Later, Tori and Nelson spoke with Logan about his upcoming decision. Nelson said in confessional he wasn’t sure if he could trust Logan not to call him into elimination despite them making a promise to each other.

Who went home from Episode 17 elimination?

TJ called Logan down at the Lair for another elimination, his third of the Spies, Lies & Allies season. As his opponent, Logan called down Emanuel from the Emerald team.

They battled in an event called Rocket Run. Two large rockets were in the Lair with a podium on each side. Competitors had to race over and jump over their rocket to pull a lever within 15 seconds. They had to keep going until one of them failed to do it under the time limit. That person would get deactivated and go home.

Both guys were doing fine with the 15-second time limit and kept going for a while. TJ announced they were dropping the timer to 10 seconds.

the challenge spies lies allies episode 17 elimination event
The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 17 featured an elimination called Rocket Run. Pic credit: MTV

Both guys seemed to keep going with that. However, Logan eventually fell during one jump and landed flat on his back in the sand. He didn’t get up as the timer ran out. Emanuel grabbed his first elimination win.

After the cast bid farewell to Logan, everyone thought Emanuel had to make his team decision. Instead, TJ told him to rejoin the group, and then he revealed a major twist. Since they were still at the Lair, he said it was time for a “night of eliminations.”

As the episode ended, TJ said before they leave the Lair, two more agents will get eliminated before the final.

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