The Challenge Season 36 spoilers: Bonus footage reveals why players voted how they did in first episode [Video]

the challenge season 36 spoilers bonus footage shows why players voted how they did
The Challenge: Double Agents competitor Kyle Christie casts his vote for elimination. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode is in the books, with some of the stronger competitors in the game going into elimination.

During the episode, a huge power move was revealed at the hands of Killa Kam Williams and others. The majority of the household ended up voting a certain way, but it wasn’t necessarily revealed why everyone voted how they did.

In The Challenge Season 36 spoilers, viewers can see how each of the players in the house voted. Keep in mind there will be spoilers ahead for those yet to see the first episode of Double Agents.

The Challenge Season 36 spoilers: Bonus video reveals reasons for votes

In past seasons of The Challenge, rookie teams were usually getting sent in repeatedly since veterans wanted to avoid it. However, Killa Kam and others decided to team up to eliminate the strongest pair in the game early.

Intentional loss? Kam Williams of The Challenge explained why her castmate probably lost the frozen volcano Double Agents mission on purpose. We have your details at #linkinbio! 

(📸: MTV / @kcsince1987 /Instagram) 
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Intentional loss? Kam Williams of The Challenge explained why her castmate probably lost the frozen volcano Double Agents mission on purpose. We have your details at #linkinbio!

(📸: MTV / @kcsince1987 /Instagram)
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That pair was Ashley Mitchell and Chris “CT” Tamburello, as they are both multiple-time champions on The Challenge. Since they formed a team, it immediately put a target on their back.

MTV’s The Challenge YouTube recently uploaded a bonus video showing off each of the Double Agents players casting their secret votes. During this, Nelson Thomas and Nicole Zanatta are heard making references to Ashley that didn’t sit well with her after seeing the episode.

As Nelson cast his vote, he referred to Ashley as a “thief” due to her taking all the money away from Final Reckoning partner, Hunter Barfield. Meanwhile, Nicole called her a “f*****g snake” in the bonus video footage.

Rookie competitor Mechie Harris said, “I’m definitely voting for CT. He talks too much trash. He thinks because he’s a vet, he’s gonna win everything. It’s not going like that.”


A few teams didn’t vote with the majority

Basically, all of the rookies were able to vote in favor of Ashley and CT, including Lio Rush, who stood up to CT during the household meeting before votes. However, a few teams chose not to vote that way, including CT and his partner Ashley.

They voted for Gabby Allen and Lio, as did Wes Bergmann and partner, Natalie Anderson. So did Devin Walker, who is Nicole Z’s partner for the start of the season. Most likely, Devin, Wes, and CT could be forming an alliance.

“If I had to go into elimination tonight, I’d rather it be against Gabby and Lio than CT and Ashley,” Natalie said after placing her vote.

Interestingly, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley voted to send in the rookie team consisting of Olympian Lolo Jones and Ultimate Beastmaster star Nam Vo.

“Lolo, I have to be quite honest. Your social game is making me uncomfortable,” Big T said as part of her reason before adding she felt guilty for Nam being part of her vote because he’s “so hot.”

As mentioned, when all the votes went in, it was, in fact, CT and Ashley that got the majority and were sent into the first elimination. From there, the day’s Aneesa Ferreira and Fessy Shafaat decided to throw Wes and Natalie in to try to eliminate a former champion.

However, it seemed to backfire as TJ revealed they’d start with a women’s elimination. In the end, Ashley was eliminated by the rookie from Survivor. It was a surprisingly early exit for one of the all-time vets in Challenge history.

Now that the rules have been defined for them, the players should now understand how the game works and how to manipulate others better, so things could change up quite a bit going forward.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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