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The Challenge: Double Agents star Ashley Mitchell calls out castmates after premiere episode

the challenge double agents star ashley mitchell calls out castmates after premiere episode
Ashley Mitchell on The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode. Pic credit: MTV

The dust is still settling after the premiere episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, as cast members continue to react to the footage they saw involving some serious power moves.

In just the first episode of the new season, a number of players placed votes in an attempt to get rid of the strongest pair in the game, CT Tamburello and Ashley Mitchell.

While they were sent to elimination, it was only revealed to be a women’s elimination event, and that resulted in the two-time champion Ashley getting ousted by rookie Natalie Anderson.

Of course, Ashley didn’t learn of some of the things her castmates said about her in confessional interviews until after the show aired.

Ashley calls out castmates for things said during premiere

A lot of the cast members from The Challenge: Double Agents went on social media during and after the premiere episode to speak on their excitement over the new season.

However, others had a lot to say about how their castmates talked about them or acted during that premiere episode. In particular, Wes Bergmann called out some castmates for how they spoke about him, as he was sent into the elimination, with some of his fellow competitors claiming they just didn’t trust him.

On Friday, December 11, Ashley Mitchell also took to Twitter to express her frustration about things said about her during the premiere episode.

“most of these people are SO F*****G NICE TO ME FACE, SO NICE VIA TEXT, be A** kissing etc but talk different behind those cameras. A Theif [sic]? They can beat me (pls). They should have air what I said while leaving because it stands true. THEY’RE FAKER THEN THESE T*** HUNNY,” she tweeted regarding certain castmates.

ashley mitchell calls out castmates the challenge double agents
Pic credit: @MTVASHLEYBROOKE/Twitter

Based on what Ashley mentioned in her tweet above, she made some comments before her exit from the show that went unaired. It’s unknown why production made that decision, but it seems Ashley isn’t worried about speaking out via her social media.

Castmates called Ashley ‘thief’ and ‘snake’

During their confessional interviews, a few of The Challenge: Double Agents cast members called Ashley a “snake” or “thief.” One of them was returning veteran Nicole Zanatta.

She called Ashley a “snake” as part of her comments and said to CT something to the effect of it was his partner that caused the votes to go how they did, not him.

Also amongst those with something to say about Ashley was Nelson Thomas, who referred to Ashley as a “thief.” A fan commented about him on Ashley’s tweet, saying, “I thought you and Nelson were friends guess not.”

“Same,” the two-time Challenge winner replied. It’s worth noting that Nelson is friends with Hunter Barfield, someone Ashley worked with to win in her Final Reckoning season.

ashley nelson tweet after double agents premiere
Pic credit: @MTVASHLEYBROOKE/Twitter

She previously won in two different seasons but really made waves when she won with Hunter on Final Reckoning. Since she had a better overall time or score for the pair, she was presented with the option to split the $1 million in prize money with Hunter or keep it all to herself. She chose the latter, shocking Hunter, and making Challenge history.

She’s now officially off the Double Agents season as the power move worked out that Killa Kam, Leroy Garrett, and others in the house orchestrated to quickly get rid of former Challenge champions. However, it seems Ashley may still have plenty to say on Twitter as new episodes air, as well as during the reunion at the end of the season.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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