The Challenge rumors: Global tournament could include former Challenge, Love Island, and Survivor winners

johnny bananas in the challenge ride or dies super trailer
Johnny Bananas could be among the competitors in The Challenge global tournament. Pic credit: MTV

Several weeks ago, CBS’ The Challenge: USA spinoff officially concluded with two individuals crowned as the show’s first-ever winners in Argentina. The spinoff show featured a cast of American stars from CBS shows Amazing Race, Big Brother, Love Island, and Survivor.

Throughout the season, host TJ Lavin mentioned the winners would get their share of big prize money but also earn a spot to compete in a global championship tournament on Paramount Plus.

Those winners were Survivor stars Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina, the only two finalists to reach the top of the mountain for TJ’s final.

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Three other spinoff shows are filming to determine more winners and potential competitors for the global tournament. They are The Challenge: Argentina, The Challenge: Australia, and The Challenge: UK.

Based on previous details about the global tournament, initially known as The Challenge: War of the Worlds, it seemed that maybe only the winners of each new spinoff show would participate.

However, recent rumors about the tournament indicate several former winners from MTV’s The Challenge and CBS’ Big Brother, Amazing Race, Love Island, and Survivor could also be among potential cast members.

Other Challenge champions are potential’ competitors in tournament

Over at a Vevmo forum, spoilers regularly arrive for seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, as well as the other spinoffs of the show. Typically, cast speculation lists pop up ahead of a show filming, and that’s been the case with the upcoming global tournament.

The speculative list automatically features The Challenge: USA winners, Sarah and Danny, among “potential” early cast members. Additionally, the yet-to-be-determined winners from the Argentina, Australia, and UK spinoffs are listed as potential competitors.

However, things get interesting as there are spots for the winners of the upcoming MTV Challenge season, Ride or Dies, on that list. That season has been filmed, and winners have been determined, with the premiere episode set to arrive on MTV on October 12.

In addition, Spies, Lies & Allies winner Kaycee Clark is on the list for potential women, and seven-time champion Johnny Bananas is on the list for potential men in the tournament. Kaycee and Bananas are part of the Ride or Dies cast, and each starts the game with different teammates.

The above individuals are listed as “Potential Cast members and alternates” on the Vevmo forum thread.

Big Brother, Love Island, & Survivor winners in tournament?

The list continues beyond the cast members mentioned above. An “up in the air” section features an extensive list of names, including many other former MTV Challenge winners.

There are some Challenge GOATS on the list for sure. They include Chris “CT” Tamburello, Jordan Wiseley, Darrell Taylor, and Derrick Kosinski for the men. For the women, some of the names listed as “up in the air” include Amber Borzotra, Jodi Weatherton, Jenny West, Ashley Mitchell, Rachel Robinson, Sarah Rice, and Veronica Portillo.

The tournament may feature more than just Challenge winners, though. There are winners from other shows, including Big Brother, Love Island, and Survivor, on the speculative Vevmo list.

A portion of the fanbase may be upset that Josh Martinez, a Big Brother winner, is also a potential consideration. So is Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather, who appeared in The Challenge: USA.

Several other individuals are on the list who have never won any Challenge seasons. They include Love Island stars Olivia Kaiser and Justine Ndiba and Survivor winner Ben Driebergen.

Olivia was a winner on Love Island USA 3 with Korey Gandy. Viewers will see her compete as a rookie in MTV’s The Challenge alongside fellow rookie Horacio Gutierrez.

Justine was the winner of Love Island USA 2, along with Caleb Corprew. She also appeared in the final for The Challenge: USA and was amongst the cast members who got stuck at the last checkpoint, a Sudoku puzzle.

Ben, who won Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, reached The Challenge: USA final but was informed he couldn’t compete due to the brutal injury he suffered in the last daily challenge of the spinoff season. Following the episode airing on CBS, he spoke in exit interviews about having several surgeries to repair his injuries.

Two other American Survivor winners are part of the list: Michele Fitzgerald and Natalie Anderson. Both women have also appeared in seasons of MTV’s The Challenge but never won the show.

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Who won’t be in the tournament?

It’s worth noting that there are many names listed under “Don’t expect” for the speculative tournament competitors in the Vevmo thread. Among them are Survivor winner Tyson Apostol and former Challenge winners Theo Von, Kendal Sheppard, Camila Nakagawa, and Kenny Santucci.

Other names on the list include former Challenge champions Evan Starkman, Dee Nguyen, Tori Hall, and Laurel Stucky. Over the next several weeks, the cast list should become finalized.

Based on details at the Vevmo forum, the tournament’s cast is expected to depart for the filming location in late October or early November.

The Challenge: USA episodes are available at Paramount Plus. The Challenge: Ride or Dies premiers Wednesday, October 12 at 8/7c on MTV.

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