The Challenge: Cara Maria Sorbello defends Paulie Calafiore appearance in Untold History, calls out castmates

cara maria sorbello in war of the worlds 2 aftershow
The Challenge’s Cara Maria Sorbello defended her boyfriend and called out “certain females” for Untold History. Pic credit: MTV

MTV’s docuseries, The Challenge: Untold History, recently unveiled its fourth episode, The GOATS, featuring a discussion of the competition show’s all-time greats.

That episode included legends such as Laurel Stucky, Johnny Bananas, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Darrell Taylor, Wes Bergmann, and a segment on Cara Maria Sorbello.

Throughout the episodes, two-time finalist Paulie Calafiore is amongst the featured cast members speaking about other competitors from the show. That brought some criticism from fans and even castmates about his inclusion.

Ahead of the episode’s debut on MTV on Wednesday night, an Untold History promo clip featured Paulie in a brief moment during the clip saying “Laurel” as a great, but not Cara Maria.

It led to Jemmye Carroll’s reaction to the clip, where she tweeted about Paulie for him possibly not saying Cara’s name during his appearance, saying “it had to hurt Cara” and that she’d have ditched him over that.

Following Jemmye’s comments, Cara took to her Instagram Story, seemingly reacting to those recent remarks and defending Paulie being part of the documentary series.

Cara addresses Paulie in Untold History and ‘certain females’

In a lengthy statement, she posted on her Instagram Story, two-time Challenge champion Cara defended Paulie and called out “certain females” from the cast. A fan account (below) captured her slides with comments addressing the current situation.

“Seeing people who stayed silent on actual toxic behaviors from men….Now speak as if they have my back on something so trivial,” she wrote on one slide, including a crying laughing emoji.

In another slide, Cara provided more extensive comments. That included her bringing up “the power of editing for impact,” why she believes Paulie deserved to be included in the docuseries, and addressing “certain females” from the cast.

As for the editing, she mentioned that the promotional clip is put together to generate excitement for the episode and to “get fans talking the most,” suggesting that’s why it showed Paulie just saying one name quickly.

“Paulie had every right to be on that doc. Never a question. The first of BB merging with The Challenge. Made it to the end every season. Major storylines. You all are still talking about him,” she said.

She mentioned “females” from the cast without naming any specific names.

“It’s more wild to hear from certain females who flop and fail every time. But I digress,” she said, continuing, “With all the legitimate toxic behaviors of men…men that you celebrate and elevate….the fact that THIS is what they want to speak on, I mean. I,” she wrote with a crying laughing emoji.

Cara went on to offer congrats and well wishes to others “for any good thing you get blessed with in your reality TV life.”

“Trying to cause division outside of it ain’t it, though,” she closed with.

Along with Jemmye, other women who appeared from the cast in the docuseries included Katie Cooley, Kam Williams, Tori Deal, and Laurel.

The GOATS featured segment about Cara Maria

The original promotional clip that arrived for The GOATS episode came from a segment of the episode which aired on Wednesday, September 28.

During the clip, various cast members are rattling off names of the all-time greats from The Challenge. A quick shot of Paulie saying “Laurel” is among the footage.

As mentioned, Cara is not one of the past or present cast members appearing in interview segments throughout the Untold History episodes. However, throughout Episode 4, complete segments focus on specific greats, including Cara.

Just over 17 minutes into the episode, a segment focuses on Cara with her boyfriend and others speaking about her during that segment.

“Cara will like doubt herself, and I have to remind her, like, ‘Cara, you are a phenom. GOAT. Don’t let anybody put fear in you cause you’re the best,'” Paulie said during interview comments in the episode.

Other greats profiled in the episode included Darrell, Kam, Laurel, and Wes. Jemmye was amongst cast members speaking in the episode along with Derrick Kosinski, Darrell, CT, Bananas, Wes, Laurel, Kam, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, Mark Long, Tori, and others.

Episode 4 closed with a comparison segment featuring two of the all-time greats, CT and Bananas.

In addition to reacting to the online critics and certain castmates over Untold History, Paulie and Cara reacted to a super trailer for MTV’s Ride or Dies season and commented about not participating in the latest installment.

The Challenge: Untold History airs Wednesday, October 5, at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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