The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll calls out Paulie Calafiore’s Untold History comment: ‘It had to hurt Cara’

jemmye carroll from mtv the challenge in video for her youtube channel
The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll appears in a video on her YouTube channel. Pic credit: Jemmye Carroll/YouTube

Jemmye Carroll calls out her former castmate Paulie Calafiore after the recent release of a promotional video for an episode of MTV’s The Challenge” Untold History.

Episode 4 of The Challenge: Untold History is called The GOATS and focuses on the all-time greats of MTV’s competition series.

In a promo video, which hit various social media platforms on Tuesday, various cast members from the show’s history appear, giving their thoughts on the best players and naming names.

In the video, Paulie appears in a quick spot and says Laurel [Stucky], and that’s all that the promo shows of him.

Other cast members, including Laurel, Yes Duffy, Aneesa Ferreira, and Jemmye, appear in the documentary promo clip talking about what makes a great player and naming some of the greats.

However, the clip stirred Jemmye to tweet her reaction to it, suggesting that it was surprising to hear Paulie say Laurel was the greatest of all time in The Challenge rather than his girlfriend, Cara Maria Sorbello.

Jemmye reacts to Paulie’s Untold History comment

With Paulie mentioning Laurel as a great in The Challenge: Untold History promo clip, his castmate Jemmye says she hopes there’s more to his comments. If not, she’s suggesting his girlfriend from the show, Cara, may need to ditch him.

Jemmye sent off several tweets about Paulie’s upcoming appearance in Untold History, based on the promotional video released on Tuesday.

“Y’all Paulie really said Laurel? Like he’s not dating a 2 time champ? Lawd.. I hope there is more to that clip bc that’s reason enough for Cara to change the locks…,” Jemmye tweeted with the video clip (below).

After Jemmye tweeted about the promotional video, superfan @GamerVev tweeted at her suggesting she’s “messy” for her comments. That prompted Jemmye to respond, saying she was “really confused” by Paulie’s comment and “It had to hurt Cara.”

jemmye carroll tweets paulie untold history
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Jemmye says Cara ‘deserves a spot at that table’

Another superfan on Twitter tweeted that Cara deserved a call to participate in The Challenge: Untold History documentary, and Paulie did not.

“It’s like ‘which one of these things is not like the others?’ when I see the panel,” the superfan said in their tweet.

“I’ll be real. It PISSED me off finding out she didn’t get the call but he did. And that’s no shade to him. He was the BB representation, cool. But she gave a lot of her life to this franchise. Despite what’s going on with her & production, she EARNED a seat at that table,” Jemmye said in her retweet.

jemmye carroll defends cara in docuseries
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Based on previous online rumors and chatter ahead of the documentary series’ release, Cara was not invited to participate in interviews for the documentary.

The Fresh Meat 2 star appeared in 14 regular seasons of The Challenge and reached nine finals, winning the Battle of the Bloodlines and Vendettas seasons. As hype began to build towards the documentary’s release, Cara and Paulie reacted to a teaser trailer promoting the series.

Two more episodes of MTV’s documentary series arrive on Wednesday, September 28, with the final two episodes set to air on Wednesday, October 5.

While she’s not featured in the documentary, Cara was recently selected along with three other legends from the show for Challenge Mania Podcast’s 2022 Hall of Fame Class, with an induction ceremony set to take place on Friday evening.

The Challenge: Untold History airs Wednesday, September 28, at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12, at 8/7c.

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