The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 10 recap: Who went home from The Zone elimination?

tori deal in the challenge ride or dies episode 10
Tori Deal during an interrogation from The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 10. Pic credit: MTV

The show opened with a focus on the new Ride or Dies teams that Faysal Shafaat and Moriah Jadea picked as captains. Both seemed to feel they got a good overall team, but Johnny Bananas said he thought his teammate Nany Gonzalez was now part of the “bad news bears.”

Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer joked about being separated in the game. Amber was shown kicking him out of her room and laughing.

A recap was shown as Faysal and Moriah went back and forth choosing team members. Faysal said he thinks Devin Walker and Jordan Wiseley will bump heads a lot on the opposing team.

Chauncey said the other team was quiet and didn’t have the same energy as Faysal’s group, but they had intelligent players.

In a confessional, Nany said that she hoped Jordan and Nurys Mateo’s relationship didn’t get in the way of their team working well together. Devin had a private chat with Jordan outside at night, saying he wasn’t going after him as long as he and Aneesa Ferreira continued to work with him and Tori Deal.

An awkward scene happened in the kitchen with Tori venting to Aneesa about her Jordan situation. Jordan had a confessional saying he wouldn’t cut things off with Nurys just because of Tori. Tori said in her confessional she felt Jordan was snuggling with Nurys in front of her “out of spite.”

Daily challenge features Puss in Boots theme

TJ Lavin introduced the competitors to their first daily challenge with their new teams and competing against their Ride or Dies. TJ said it was inspired by Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Actor Antonio Banderas, who voices Puss in Boots, appeared on screen to introduce a quick trailer for the movie. Footage showed various cast members with their cats.

The daily challenge was Last Life which featured two decks connected by a beam hanging above the water. There were two heats, with each team sending out one player at a time to battle on the beam.

Each player represented one cat’s life in the game. If a player got knocked off into the water, they lost a life for their team. The objective was to preserve all of the team’s lives. TJ said the winning team would determine one player for the elimination and receive a special prize.

Horacio impressed everyone by knocking Bananas into the water after a good fight. Rookie Chauncey also pushed Jordan into the water. Kenny Clark had to battle Fessy in a considerable mismatch that was over fast.

Horacio was the last life remaining for the men on his team. Fessy nominated himself to take out the rookie and pushed him off to get rid of all the other lives from the men’s group.

The women had to go next, with Moriah’s team needing to preserve more lives than the other group to win the heat. Kaycee Clark pushed Moriah off first. Olivia was able to push Nany off next, and it looked bad when Nany hit the water hard.

Medics got Nany out of the water, and she was taken away in an ambulance to get checked out. Kaycee was concerned about Nany’s health. It came down to Aneesa versus Nurys. Aneesa won it for Fessy’s team.

TJ said they were safe from elimination, and all the winners would get to see the Puss in Boots premiere. He said they would also interrogate all four guys from the losing team and select one for the elimination at The Zone.

Kenny, Horacio, Devin, and Jordan face interrogation

The four players up for elimination were Devin, Jordan, Kenny, and Horacio. Faysal’s team met in the interrogation room, and everyone had a different agenda about who to send in. Tori wanted to protect Devin. Bananas felt keeping Kenny on the other team made sense.

Kenny was first to go into interrogation and said he wanted to volunteer to go in and take on another rookie, Horacio. Tori said she wasn’t sure that was the best move for their team, though.

Horacio had an interrogation next. He said he shouldn’t be sent in because Devin or Jordan are the strongest players on his team.

Devin did all he could to dodge questions and deflect attention from himself with his answers. When Jordan was in the interrogation, Tori asked him if he’d have her back if it were the other way around. He said in confessional he felt insulted by her even asking.

Nany returned to the house at night and said she got checked out and was “fine.” Kaycee was happy to see her girlfriend back. The cast went out to enjoy themselves at a bar. Moriah, Amber, and Horacio chatted about sending Kenny into the elimination for the longevity of their team.

Tori talked to Fessy about sending Horacio in against Kenny. Fessy was concerned about saving Devin and Jordan, only for them to target him the following week if they win.

Tori chatted with Jordan, saying she wanted him to be happy and was initially mad about his flirting with Nurys. She tried to make a deal with Jordan to keep him safe, but he wasn’t sure if that was the best move for the strength of his team.

Who went home from The Zone elimination?

At The Zone, everyone from Fessy’s team voted for Horacio except for Olivia, who said Kenny’s team. The other three guys got to pick daggers from The Draw. Devin went first and pulled the “Safe” dagger right away. He chose to save Jordan to keep his team strong.

That meant the two rookies, Horacio and Kenny, battled in The Zone. They competed in Breaking Barriers, with a giant hallway in the middle of The Zone blocked by doors made of different materials.

There were tools outside the hall they used to break through the walls, including bolt cutters, an axe, and a wrench. The player to get through to the other side of their doors and press the button first would win.

Horacio excelled at the event as he did in others. He said he works as an electrician or construction worker, giving him more experience with these sorts of tasks.

the challenge 38 episode 10 elimination battle
Competitors battle in The Challenge 38, Episode 10 elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

Kenny struggled to use bolt cutters on a door featuring a bunch of locks to cut off but eventually caught up to Horacio as teammates cheered both guys on. It came down to the final door, and Horacio got through his first to press the button and win.

It was Horacio’s fourth elimination of the season and his fourth win. That eliminated Kenny from the game. Kaycee ran down to hug her brother, saying she was proud of him before he exited The Zone.

In confessional, Kaycee said the whole point was to have a Ride or Dies partner, but now she doesn’t have one.

TJ told Horacio he’s a “killer” and gave him a fist bump for another impressive win. TJ sent everyone back to The Challenge house, but the shot lingered with the host staying in The Zone.

Kenny arrived back on the scene and met with TJ privately. The Challenge host told Kenny that he’s still connected with his Ride or Dies teammate. TJ informed him long as Kaycee doesn’t get eliminated, Kenny still has a chance to compete for a million dollars.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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