The Challenge Pick Em League: Fans can win Double Agents swag for fantasy predictions

The Challenge: Double Agents competitors rush up a steep hill as part of a daily competition. Pic credit: MTV

Each week, The Challenge: Double Agents episodes present viewers with daily competition winners, elimination events, and competitors who get sent home.

Fans of the show are currently able to participate in The Challenge: Pick Em League to see if they can make correct predictions for the show.

Here are more details for how the Double Agents fantasy predictions league works and what’s up for grabs in the weekly contest.

What is The Challenge Pick Em League?

Fantasy sports are a big deal with baseball, basketball, and football fans, which is why it makes sense that there would be something similar for The Challenge.

However, this is a bit different, as it’s basically making picks every week for what will happen on Double Agents.

With The Challenge: Pick Em, fans are selecting one player who they think will win the daily challenge. In addition, fans have to select which player will lose in the episode’s elimination.

For example, ahead of the fourth episode, someone could decide to pick Chris “CT” Tamburello to win the daily challenge and Gabby Allen to lose in elimination.


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Once the two picks are decided, players click on the “Lock Em In” button and secure their weekly fantasy picks ahead of the new episode. Entrants must provide their full name and a valid email address to enter.

One person will win The Challenge Pick Em League each week and gets some cool Double Agents Swag. There is a random drawing that takes place to determine a winner from all correct entries.

Based on the official rules and contest details, each weekly winner gets a Double Agents prize valued at approximately $300

The game is free of charge to participate in and is available at the official website here. The contest runs each week of the Double Agents season.

What’s coming up for the next Double Agents episode?

Things continue to heat up with each new episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. In the third episode, fans saw a two-time Challenge winner eliminated from the game, another player earn their Gold Skull, and players’ strategies continue to unfold. Several competitors now have new partners, and one player is a Rogue Agent.

Also, Fessy Shafaat called out Kyle Christie for lying about who he voted for on the previous episode. Fessy also revealed to castmates that each daily challenge’s winning Double Agents got a secret power and were able to see how the house vote went.

That reveal took the power away from whoever wins daily challenges now. They’ll see how the voting went in terms of the majority vote, but the rest of the cast now knows about this.

After the third episode ended, MTV also unveiled a preview clip for the fourth episode, which is on the way. It may or may not give insight into how things will go as far as The Challenge Pick Em. It appears there will be some tension between Nelson Thomas and Devin Walker and possibly a confrontation involving Josh Martinez and Jay Starrett.


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The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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