The Challenge: Nurys Mateo reveals opportunity she missed to appear in Ride or Dies

nurys mateo during the challenge ride or dies
Nurys Mateo appears in a confessional for The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Filming a reality TV show like MTV’s The Challenge takes some serious commitments, as cast members generally need to be away from friends and loved ones for several weeks or more, depending on how well they do.

It often means turning down or missing other opportunities, such as career offers, business ventures, and modeling work.

Rookie cast member Nurys Mateo revealed that she missed out on one of those opportunities to appear in The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

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The Challenge Season 38 newcomer shared that Playboy magazine sent her an email to not only appear in the mag but also on its cover.

Nurys even commented that she was “so hurt” by turning that opportunity down due to the nature of what it might bring her way.

This report will also include spoilers from The Challenge: Ride or Dies season through Episode 7.

The Challenge rookie Nurys ‘so hurt’ over missed opportunity

In a tweet captured by @mostlikelytwopod on Instagram (below), Nurys Mateo indicated that she received an offer to appear in Playboy, but due to that offer arriving when it did, she had to turn it down.

“Fun fact: I booked Playboy & The Challenge on the same exact day. I was so hurt to finally get the ‘you’re in’ email from playboy only to have to turn it down. I was gonna be on the cover and all,” Nurys tweeted.

Nurys, 27, isn’t a newcomer to reality TV. She previously appeared as a contestant in MTV’s Are You the One? 6 and Ex on the Beach 2. The Challenge: Ride or Dies is her first foray into the competition series.

MTV reality TV and Challenge stars have posed for Playboy in the past. They’ve included Road Rules star Cara Zavaleta, as well as Real World stars Trishelle Cannatella and Tonya Cooley, each of whom did multiple seasons of The Challenge.

Nurys teaming with Challenge vet for Ride or Dies

If Nurys had been able to take that particular opportunity, it would’ve meant missing out on her first season of MTV’s The Challenge. Often, if a rookie impresses in terms of entertainment and in-game performance, they’ll receive calls to come back for more seasons.

For Season 38, there’s a Ride or Dies theme, where cast members brought along their friend, family member, or loved one as their teammate. For Nelson Thomas, Nurys has ties to him as an ex-girlfriend and his current friend.

The duo has impressed in terms of winning two daily challenges, including Episode 7’s Peaking Blinders. However, the wins lead to them making uncomfortable choices, sending four teams into The Zone for potential elimination.

Things got messy in Ride or Dies Episode 7, as Nelson chose three veteran teams, along with Amber Borzotra and her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer. Amber felt betrayed and blindsided by Nelson, saying that she thought they had each other’s backs.

During the episode, Nurys also commented about not trusting Amber several times during confessionals and other moments. Ultimately, Amber and Chauncey ended up in the elimination matchup and won, defeating Challenge OGs Veronica Portillo and Darrell Taylor.

That means Amber returns to the house, potentially looking to gain some “payback” on castmates, with Nelson and Nurys possibly among her targets.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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