The Challenge’s Trishelle Cannatella reacts to All Stars reunion clip about her fight, castmate responds

trishelle cannatella on the challenge all stars episode 2
Trishelle Cannatella has reacted to castmates’ discussion about her fight at the All Stars reunion. Pic credit: Paramount+

On The Challenge: All Stars, viewers saw Trishelle Cannatella return to the scene as one of the 22 OG competitors for the spinoff series, and she had early drama on the show with one of her good friends.

She had an early exit from the season due to elimination and wasn’t present for the recent All Stars reunion episode released on Paramount Plus.

That reunion featured a segment discussing Trishelle’s fight that took place in the second episode of the season, with castmates giving their interpretations of what happened.

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Trishelle took to Twitter to react to the discussion of her fight and clarified her comments on who she wanted to face in elimination, Beth Stolarczyk. That prompted her castmate to reply.

Trishelle reacts to reunion clip, comments on elimination

During the All Stars reunion, several cast members that were part of key moments in the season weren’t on hand to discuss or defend themselves even though the segments were addressed as topics.

That included Kendal Sheppard, Aneesa Ferreira, Alton Williams, Katie Cooley, and Trishelle Cannatella. The latter two were involved in the big blowup amongst friends in Episode 2 that spilled into the early hours of the morning and woke up castmates at The Challenge house.

At the reunion, Jemmye Carroll and KellyAnne Judd commented about what happened between Trishelle and Katie, with MTV sharing a clip of the discussion on Twitter. In part of Jemmye’s comments, she mentioned, “All Katie had to do was go in deliberation and say Arissa’s name,” indicating that was who Trishelle wanted to face for elimination.

Trishelle commented with a retweet of the clip, saying she never wanted to go against Arissa Hill in elimination but actually wanted Beth Stolarczyk. Instead, castmates opted to vote in Kendal Sheppard due to her “hopping incident” on the platform during the daily trivia challenge.

“To be clear I NEVER said I wanted @MissArissa I don’t know where that came from, except the fight was never fully explained so people on the cast were left to speculate, which is understandable. I said I wanted @MTVBeth but we ended up w/ @KendalSheppard,” Trishelle tweeted.

trishelle comments on all stars reunion discussion
Pic credit: @TrishelleC/Twitter

The All Stars reunion segment also featured unaired footage of a conversation that Katie had with Trishelle in which she convinced her friend to stay on the show. Apparently, Trishelle had packed up her things and was going to quit the show. That particular conversation took place before Katie and Trishelle’s early morning fight.

Trishelle stayed and went on to face Kendal in an elimination event where competitors had to tie large, heavy ropes around a structure at The Arena. Once the time expired, the two women switched sides and had to try to be the first to untangle the mess of ropes the other had created. Kendal was able to win it, sending Trishelle home. She still hugged castmates goodbye, including Katie.

Following the episode’s release, Trishelle and Katie continued to comment about their argument in interviews and the Aftermath show, or on social media, with both saying they hadn’t talked with one another since that incident.

Beth reacts to Trishelle’s elimination comment

In a separate Twitter reply, Trishelle explained that “everyone knew” she “wanted Beth” for elimination. However, she said her castmates Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Mark Long were against the idea, and friend Katie “wasn’t saying anything” about it.

That brought Beth into the comments, potentially setting up a rivalry or elimination in a future season of The Challenge: All Stars.

“Cool! Can’t wait to see you on the next challenge!” Beth commented as a reply to Trishelle.

beth stolarczyk reacts to trishelle comments about all stars
Pic credit: @MTVBeth/Twitter

While there’s been no confirmation of All Stars Season 2 on Paramount Plus, most fans and even many Challenge stars believe it will happen. There’s even speculation for when the All Stars 2 release will happen.

However, it’s unknown how many cast members from the first season will return for a second. One has to think that some of the cast members with early eliminations or exits might not be at the top of the list to return. Even so, Trishelle vs. Beth in elimination sounds like a must-see event!

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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