The Challenge: Jordan Wiseley’s girlfriend gushes he’ll ‘be the best dad ever’ leaving fans curious 

jordan wiseley face shot on the challenge battle for a new champion on mtv
Fans may have been curious after Jordan Wiseley’s girlfriend left an intriguing comment for him. Pic credit: MTV

Jordan Wiseley is a talented competitor from MTV’s The Challenge, having won several seasons and the World Championship spin-off.

He’ll return for MTV’s Season 40, known as Battle of the Eras, which features 40 cast members battling to show who’s the best.

The cast includes several castmates Jordan was linked to romantically, whether hookups, temporary showmances, or long-term relationships.

His ex-fiancee Tori Deal and former showmances Nurys Mateo and Nia Moore might not compete for his attention but will compete to win the season.

While they are no longer romantically involved, Jordan has remained amicable with all of the above. He’s currently dating another woman outside of The Challenge.

Her recent remark may have sent fans into a frenzy, as they wondered if the couple is expecting a baby and Jordan seemingly addressed the topic.

Jordan’s girlfriend has fans wondering with ‘father’ remark

On Tuesday, Jordan shared an Instagram carousel post featuring photos of him working outdoors with a heavy kettlebell.

“Finally starting to feel like a human again. Getting sun and some sweat on this holiday week!” Jordan captioned the post.

The latest images arrived over a week after it was revealed that Jordan is part of the epic cast for MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Eras.

In the comment section, his girlfriend left a curious remark, which had fans wondering what she meant.

“Gonna be the best dad ever,” she wrote, with fans replying to the surprising comment.

“Woa woa woa yall got a baby on the way???” a commenter asked.

“Holy [bomb emoji] !!!!!” another commenter wrote.

“Man the digging I was doing to confirm if this was true,” another individual posted.

screenshot shows jordan wiseley girlfriend comment on instagram
Many fans weigh in. Pic credit: @jordan_wiseley/Instagram

As of this writing, there are no reports that Jordan will become a dad, and he hasn’t posted on social media that his girlfriend is pregnant.

He also replied to her IG comment, “lol eventually,” suggesting a baby is not arriving soon.

screenshot of jordan wiseley reply to girlfriend comment on instagram
Jordan responds on social media. Pic credit: @jordan_wiseley/Instagram

Who is Jordan Wiseley dating?

Jordan has moved on from dating reality TV women since last having romances, hookups, and showmances on The Challenge: Ride or Dies and All Stars 3.

He’s currently dating the musician Diner, whose real name is Madison Hurtado.

A Headliner article spotlighting Madison revealed she’s a California-based Portland singer, songwriter, and musician.

Jordan may have discovered commonalities with her because he initially appeared on MTV’s The Real World: Portland season before he moved on to The Challenge.

Earlier this year, he and Diner shared an Instagram post about when they met. Jordan said he thinks it’s “hilarious” when he tells others it was through Instagram.

“I saw a post that Diner was going to be performing at a venue, and I made it a point to be there,” he said.

He mentioned that after seeing her perform, he went up and said something to her. Jordan joked that Diner says her friends told her he had a crush on her.

“Whether I did or not, I did not tell them to do so,” Jordan shared in the IG Q&A video, adding, “I was there as a gentleman to court her in person.”

It’s unclear how long Jordan and Diner have been dating, although it appears they’ve been together for at least a year, based on one of their earliest IG posts that shows them together.

While there’s no confirmation they’re expecting, it seems Jordan wants to become a father in the future based on his reply to his girlfriend.

The Challenge: Battle of the Eras premieres Wednesday, August 14 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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