The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2 recap: Turbo appears, Moriah vs. Aneesa, and showmances revisited

The Challenge star Aneesa Ferreira responds to castmate at Ride or Dies reunion
Aneesa Ferreira during The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The second part of the reunion opened with host Maria Menounos teasing that Turbo “Turabi” Camkiran was there to speak.

He wasn’t there live but sent a comical video of himself in a suit addressing many of the cast members.

He called out Devin Walker, Johnny Bananas, Fessy Shafaat, Jordan Wiseley, Nany Gonzalez, and Tori Deal. Turbo even held out a hand of cash and told Nelson Thomas to use it to buy a brain. He said Tori needed a second Instagram since she has “two faces.”

He called Devin and Jordan “p***y chickens” and said he would get his revenge on everyone “one by one.”

“If you didn’t like this message, get in a car and drive to hell,” Turbo said, then made a heart symbol with his hands, broke it in half, and pretended to eat it.

Nany retorted after the video, saying Turbo just called her “cheap,” but she helped him to win that $750,000 during his War of the Worlds season.

Moriah speaks on how Fessy and Aneesa treated her

They moved on to Maria asking Moriah Jadea about her situation with Fessy. It turned into her saying that maybe some of the things people said about Fessy from the show were “actually true.”

It turned into Moriah mentioning how Aneesa Ferreira wasn’t nice to her during filming. Aneesa told her, “Don’t puff your chest out now,” and said she was not a “b***h,” but Moriah said that’s debatable.

Moriah said Aneesa was throwing shade on the podcast toward her, so now she responded. Aneesa said she was responding. Bananas said things got off track fast.

Fessy tried apologizing to Moriah for what happened between them on Ride or Dies. Maria suggested Fessy and Moriah have a conversation off the show about their situation.

Jordan and Tori’s situation is examined post-Ride or Dies season

Jordan called it the “scariest moment of my Challenge career” to return to The Challenge and see Tori again after they hadn’t spoken since calling off their engagement.

Aneesa said it was challenging for her to navigate being Tori’s friend and Jordan’s partner.

Tori became emotional over how much it took to get to where she was mentally after the breakup, and then seeing Jordan made things tough again for her.

Nurys said she might have done things differently had she known fully about the situation happening with Tori and Jordan. She revealed that she and Jordan had decided to remain friends after filming.

Tori and Jordan showed love for one another and said they would still have each other’s backs. Tori joked that she’d still pick Devin over Jordan as her Ride or Dies partner but has love for Jordan.

Showmances get revisited, including Olivia and Nelson’s breakup

Fessy’s pursuit of multiple women during the season came up, and he said he listens to them and doesn’t put expectations on them. He said if something happens beyond friendship, “cool.”

Laurel and Horacio’s situation during the season came up. He said the woman he’d been interested in away from the show was short-lived. Laurel and Horacio said they’d seen each other since filming and weren’t sure where things were but were attracted to each other.

Nelson and Olivia’s showmance ending came up, with Olivia saying, “there’s a lot to unpack here.” She said after Nelson got eliminated and the “golf ball situation” happened in the final, she needed time for herself and pushed Nelson away.

Nelson said Olivia “forgot about me,” and her friends told her not to go for “a guy like him.” He said he’s not the guy he used to be and didn’t respect women a while back, but now he does. He felt Olivia was right for him and made him happy.

Olivia said it was not about Nelson but her situation, and she felt bad.

Nelson seemed pretty hurt over the situation. Olivia apologized, but he didn’t seem interested in what she said. Some additional footage showed them arguing backstage over things that happened after filming, including Olivia inviting Nelson to Alaska.

It came up that Laurel reached out to Jordan after his engagement with Tori ended just to let him know she was there for him. She told Tori it wasn’t with any intent to try to move in on him after the breakup. Laurel said she visited him when she was in the California area over a year ago. Tori said she understood, and they could all move on.

Chauncey addresses his comments about ‘fake’ Ride or Dies castmates

Maria mentioned how Chauncey Palmer had said many of the girls in the house were fake. She asked who specifically. He said he’d heard that many girls would be nice to Amber Borzotra in person, then say things about her behind her back. He brought up Aneesa and Nurys Mateo specifically.

Nurys asked them who told them there was a group chat to talk trash about Amber because that person was lying. Amber said she promised the person who told her she wouldn’t mention it and didn’t want to throw them under the bus. Nurys rolled her eyes at that.

Tori Deal and Amber Borzotra discuss mental health situations

Tori brought up how her mental health situation was the easiest thing to discuss during the season. She said it got to where she’d felt things in life were “deteriorating” and was at a point where “it just got hard.” Tori became emotional, saying she took things out on many people she cared about.

Amber revealed that she was diagnosed as autistic and became emotional talking about it. She said after Season 38, she needed to get help. She said she’s still learning a lot about the diagnosis, and she loves who she is.

Nany told Amber, “your diagnosis does not define you.” Bananas said even though things seem one way in the house while filming the show, she should know she’s not alone and the cast is there for her.

Amber said she wants to be “a good influence to other neurodivergent people out there.”

The show closed with Maria revealing unaired footage of Chauncey dancing like a Chippendale dancer while filming and taking his shirt off. Maria asked if they could get an encore, and Chauncey started to dance a bit for Amber as the credits were rolling.

A trailer was shown for the upcoming spinoff show, The Challenge: World Championship.

The Challenge: World Championship premieres Wednesday, March 8, on Paramount+.

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