The Challenge: Turbo Camkiran throws shade at Ride or Dies castmates and Devin Walker responds

the challenge star turabi camkiran during ride or dies episode 2
Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran continues to throw shade at his Ride or Dies castmates on social media. Pic credit: MTV

To say that The Challenge: Ride or Dies season was an unfriendly experience between Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran and his castmates is an understatement.

From the jump, Turbo was getting into it with various cast members, including veteran champion Laurel Stucky and his former friend from War of the Worlds, Nany Gonzalez.

He and his teammate, rookie Tamara Alfaro, got eliminated in Episode 2, thanks to Turbo rubbing castmates the wrong way and refusing to communicate with Nany when she tried to talk to him.

While the former champion’s time on Ride or Dies was shortlived, he continued to taunt and throw shade at castmates from afar, sharing social media posts.

With the recent airing of the Ride or Dies Reunion Part 1, Turbo’s appearance was teased for the second part. Ahead of that, he once again took to social media to shade his castmates.

That prompted Devin Walker to respond in a series of messages he shared on Twitter about Turbo.

Turbo throws shade at his Ride or Dies castmates

In a since-deleted Instagram post, former War of the Worlds winner Turbo posted a photoshopped black-and-white image featuring chickens with his castmates’ faces. The faces included Horacio Gutierrez, Jordan Wiseley, Sam Bird, Jakk Maddox, Johnny Bananas, Nelson Thomas, and Fessy Shafaat.

A woman was also wearing a bra and panties with garter belts and stockings, feeding the chickens. However, Devin’s face was photoshopped onto the woman.

In the background, a man, who was supposedly Turbo, was seated against a shed wearing a hat and holding a gun. The building he sat against said “Turbo’s Farm” above the doors.

“It is easy to be brave from a safe distance. #TheChallenge38 Front of me how they are,” he wrote in his Instagram post’s caption.

turbo camkiran post about ride or dies castmates
Turbo throws shade at Ride or Dies castmates with a photoshopped image. Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

The picture is likely a representation of Turbo’s phrase he’s famously used during his seasons of The Challenge. He infamously called castmate Jordan a “p***y chicken” during their altercation on War of the Worlds 2.

He brought the name-calling back for Ride or Dies in his few episodes of the season. Based on teases for the second part of the reunion, he may bring the name out again if and when he appears.

Devin Walker fires back at former Challenge champ

Turbo’s post got the attention of fans and superfan accounts like the one above. It also got the attention of Ride or Dies champion Devin, who posted several messages to respond to Turbo.

In one tweet, Devin mentions that Turbo was scared of him “the whole time” and wouldn’t look him in the eyes or “even be in the same room.”

“Full blown terrified. Only show he could win now is America’s next top p***y chicken. level 3,” Devin tweeted, along with emojis for a cat and chicken.

“@turabicamkiran is the real p***y chicken. Only won bc I wasn’t [there,]” Devin tweeted regarding Turbo’s WOTW championship.

“He makes @fessyfitness look like mother Teresa,” Devin said to end his tweet, adding “level 3” along with the cat and chicken emojis.

devin walker responds to the challenge ride or dies turbo
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

As mentioned, Turbo’s appearance was teased ahead of the Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2. Host Maria Menounos closed the show by discussing how Turbo was eliminated thanks to cast members helping out his opponents during the event.

Maria suggested they should hear Turbo’s side of the story. Devin remarked, “Bring his b***h a** out,” seeming to indicate Turbo won’t be appearing in the studio with the rest of the cast but instead via satellite. It could be explosive when Turbo gets his say during the reunion.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday, March 1, at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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