The Challenge’s Nurys Mateo addresses critics from Ride or Dies reunion

Nurys Mateo at The Challenge Ride or Dies reunion special
Nurys Mateo during The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Several arguments erupted among castmates during The Challenge Season 38 reunion, including one between rookies Nurys Mateo and Ravyn Rochelle.

Nurys, Nelson Thomas’ partner during Ride or Dies, was involved in an early love triangle as she and another rookie, Johnny Middlebrooks, were hooking up.

However, Johnny’s Ride or Dies teammate Ravyn felt led on by her partner before their arrival for the show’s filming, causing tension and frustration while they were there.

At the reunion, Ravyn got emotional while sharing why she felt how she did, which brought Nurys to throw comments back at her.

Among them was an exchange regarding how far Nurys got with Johnny and how she’d hooked up with multiple castmates.

Following that appearance, Nurys took to social media to fire back at any critics, claiming she was made to look a certain way by the way the footage was edited.

Nurys reacts to her critics from Ride or Dies reunion

As viewers saw, Nurys wore a stunning black shoulderless dress for the Ride or Dies reunion with her dark hair straight. She chose beautiful jewelry to accessorize, including some dazzling hoop-style earrings and matching necklaces.

In late December, Nurys gave a preview of her stunning reunion attire as she showed herself transforming from pre-glam to fully ready for the reunion.

Last week, Nurys shared an Instagram carousel post with her 267,000 followers ahead of the reunion’s first part airing on MTV.

She included a photo of herself and several videos, one of which shows her reunion seat with Nelson and then panning over to show her castmate, Olivia Kaiser.

It featured her going at it with castmate Ravyn, including telling her she needed to make new friends and other remarks regarding the situation with Johnny.

It led to some outraged critics calling out Nurys’ behavior or remarks during the reunion. However, Nurys took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in another outfit with a message for those critics.

Her hair was in a different style, keeping it long but with some braids and wavier curls. She wore another stunning black dress with a plunging neckline and strategic circular cut at her midsection. Nurys held her phone in hand to capture the selfie.

A second slide has a screenshot of part of Nicki Minaj’s song Chun-Li lyrics: “They painted me out to be the bad guy.” The final slide has Nurys in her gorgeous outfit again for a slightly different shot.

“I was gonna write this long caption due to all the hate I’ve been getting because of an EDIT on tv but I decided idgaf cuz none of yall actually know me 🫶🏽🖤,” Nurys said in her caption.

A second part of the reunion is on the way, which appears to have more remarks from Nurys in the teaser trailer that arrived online.

Nurys promotes C4 Energy and shares a HIIT workout

Based on Nurys’ drama with Ravyn and Nurys seeming like a strong competitor in The Challenge, she could likely return for another season. Meanwhile, she seems dedicated to training and promoting while not appearing on TV.

She’s also worked with C4 Energy, appearing in several pieces of social media content for the brand. One of those is a full-body high-intensity interval workout (HIIT) workout video alongside model and influencer Suzette James.

She shared the video to a second Instagram account she has called @getfitwithnurys. It features her and Suzette, each with a pair of dumbbells in hand. The two women perform various exercises with the weights, including a combination move that features a deadlift, squat, and military press for the shoulders.

There are also quick moves, such as jump squats, which seems to offer quite a workout for one’s legs and glutes.

“Grab your bestie & your @c4energy and give this a try! 💪🏽,” Nurys wrote in the caption for the workout.

As the video ends, the two women drink some of their C4 Energy drinks, making a case for the beverage as an excellent way to hydrate after an intense workout.

Most likely, Nurys is continuing to hit the gym and work on improving her fitness so she can make another run at The Challenge or other opportunities that come her way.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday, March 1, at 8/7c on MTV.

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