The Challenge Season 38 reunion sneak peek: Moriah Jadea calls out Aneesa Ferreira’s treatment of her

moriah jadea at challenge 38 reunion
Moriah Jadea at The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The second part of The Challenge Season 38 reunion will have castmates going at it again as they relive, rehash, and reveal some of the drama from the Ride or Dies season.

In particular, there will be a segment involving rookie Moriah Jadea, who arrived at Ride or Dies as the teammate of two-time finalist Fessy Shafaat.

As viewers saw, Moriah and Fessy looked like one of the duos on pace to win the season until they were broken apart and had to captain separate teams during a midseason twist.

That led to Fessy opting to keep his Ride or Dies teammate in the dark as it would better serve his game and chances to win the show. It also led to Moriah calling him out on podcasts and social media as episodes aired.

However, based on Moriah’s comments at the reunion, she had issues with another castmate besides Fessy, as she claims Aneesa Ferreira didn’t treat her so well when they were filming.

A sneak peek of what’s on the way for Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2 has the two castmates in a heated discussion.

Moriah calls out Fessy and Aneesa’s treatment of her on Ride or Dies

Not everything’s friendship, hugs, and love when it comes to The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion. As viewers saw in the first part of the cast’s get-together, several castmates rehashed their issues, including Laurel Stucky and Michele Fitzgerald, as well as Ravyn Rochelle and Nurys Mateo.

In a sneak peek of a scene from Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2, Moriah speaks about how Fessy treated her and how he pinned a fan’s comment on Instagram suggesting she turned against him during the show. However, Moriah says that wasn’t true.

She said after seeing how Fessy was toward her before the show and how it changed while filming, she started to think maybe some of those things people said about him were “actually true.”

Moriah mentioned that there were some castmates she disliked, and times she wanted to tell some of them to shut up, but she didn’t due to being partnered with Fessy. Someone then asked who she didn’t like, and Moriah brought up Aneesa.

“And you know that. You didn’t treat me that nice. You were very dismissive. I would talk to you, and then, you were only nice to me at certain times,” Moriah said, adding, “You also would say slick stuff.”

“You said that I had to sleep with someone to get saved. That’s f***ed up. That’s not true,” Moriah told her castmate.

Aneesa fired back at her castmate, telling her, “Don’t puff your chest out now,” as Moriah let her talk.

“I am nice to everyone. I am not a b***h,” Aneesa said, as Moriah said, “debatable.”

Aneesa explained that because Moriah’s younger than her, they really didn’t have much in common, even adding, “You don’t know s**t about me.”

Other segments coming to the Ride or Dies Reunion

The Moriah and Aneesa clash is just a small part of what appears to be on the way for the second installment of the Ride or Dies Reunion.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about a teased discussion of Jordan Wiseley and Laurel Stucky’s rumored Ride or Dies hookup that didn’t make it into any of the episodes.

Additionally, a clip teased another discussion about Olivia Kaiser and Nelson Thomas’ showmance, which didn’t work out after the show’s filming ended.

If that wasn’t enough, the first part of the reunion ended with a tease that Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran will make an appearance, likely via satellite, to give his side of things in terms of the Ride or Dies season.

Based on all of the above, it seems to make the second part of the reunion must-see reality TV for fans of The Challenge!

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday, March 1, at 8/7c on MTV.

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