The Challenge: Ravyn Rochelle explains her ‘bronze’ remark during Ride or Dies reunion

ravyn rochelle at the challenge ride or dies reunion
The Challenge rookie Ravyn Rochelle had a puzzling comeback remark at the Ride or Dies reunion. Pic credit: MTV

A war of words erupted early during The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion as rookies Ravyn Rochelle and Nurys Mateo argued about the situation with castmate Johnny Middlebrooks.

During early episodes of the season, the women had been part of a love triangle involving Johnny. Ravyn felt she’d been led on by her Ride or Dies partner heading into the show, only for him to ditch her then as he expressed interest in Nurys.

That became a hot topic during the first part of the reunion, as everyone tried to explain their side of the story.

During the discussion, it came up that Nurys had been with several castmates, including Jordan Wiseley and possibly a third unmentioned individual.

That’s when The Challenge rookie indicated that her “p***y drips gold,” only for Ravyn to try to outdo her by saying hers drips “bronze.”

The remark had plenty of people caught off guard and amused. Following the episode airing on MTV, Ravyn did her best to explain her misstep during the reunion.

Ravyn comments about her Ride or Dies reunion remark

In a video uploaded to Twitter, Ravyn explained why she made the random comeback she did at the reunion, indicating she didn’t realize the different levels of the medals for sports.

“Yes, I said ‘bronze,’ but you want to know one thing about bronze?” she said, chuckling.

“Granted, I have never played major sports, nor have I placed on any major sports. So, I don’t know the different tiers of pyramids. I thought bronze was good,” Ravyn confessed.

“You want to know one thing about bronze even though it’s below gold? It still places. You’re still winnin’, sis,” she said.

“I’m still winning so f it,” she wrote over her video clip.

Ravyn posted several other thoughts on her official Twitter, including one where she said she proved how “slow” she can be regarding things.

the challenge rookie ravyn rochelle tweet about bronze versus gold
Pic credit: @ravyn_rochelle/Twitter

In another tweet, she reacted to someone’s tweet where they said the fact Ravyn and Nurys’ argument was over Johnny meant nobody was winning.

ravyn rochelle retweet about castmate johnny middlebrooks
Pic credit: @ravyn_rochelle/Twitter

Nurys resumed seeing Johnny after Ride or Dies season

During the reunion, Nurys revealed that once filming ended, she went to tell Johnny about her hookup and showmance with Jordan during the season. It was also revealed that she and Johnny hooked up again. Brief footage was also shown of the two kissing backstage at the reunion.

As episodes of the Ride or Dies season were still airing on MTV, Monsters and Critics reported on speculation about which castmate Nurys was dating after filming.

Based on Nurys’ social media, she was friends with Jordan and seemed to be dating Johnny again. As of this writing, it’s unknown if the pair is still seeing each other, as they haven’t shared anything recently on social media.

In early January, Johnny shared the Instagram video clip below, which featured a montage of highlights from his 2022. In his caption, he thanked everyone who was part of his life in the past year, some of whom appeared in the video’s scenes.

Johnny also tagged a few of his Challenge: Ride or Dies castmates, including friend Jay Starrett and showmance Nurys, but there didn’t seem to be any love shown for his teammate Ravyn.

A second part of the reunion will air on MTV, and it appears Nurys has more to say. However, it might be related to a different showmance involving her partner, Nelson Thomas, and Olivia Kaiser.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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