The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia blasts former castmate Zach Nichols after he slams her Season 40 appearance

amanda garcia face shot from the challenge usa 2 spinoff season confessional interview
Amanda Garcia last appeared in The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff. Pic credit: Paramount+

Amanda Garcia is known for not holding back when it comes to castmates from The Challenge she dislikes or doesn’t get along with.

That includes her former partner from MTV’s competition series, Zach Nichols, who criticized her appearance in the upcoming Battle of the Eras.

Amanda will appear in the new season as one of the 40 “legendary” cast members selected from 39 seasons of the reality TV competition series.

While other competitors include multi-time finalists and Challenge winners, Amanda has yet to reach a final or win the show.

However, many fans root for her due to her heart and the drama she provides for entertainment during the episodes.

On his new Zach Nichols Podcast, Zach addressed being the “biggest snub” on Season 40 and gave his thoughts on the cast members in the MTV show’s cast.

Zach slams Amanda as a Season 40 cast member

While Zach praised individuals like Chris “CT” Tamburello and Johnny Bananas, that wasn’t the case with Amanda.

During his podcast, he had nothing good to say about his former teammate from Final Reckoning.

“First of all, Amanda sucks. She shouldn’t be there. She’s trash. The only reason she’s even famous is she’s a seven-time competitor. Give her a participation trophy and send her home with her f***ing kid. Loser,” Zach said.

His co-host suggested that Amanda’s best performance as a competitor was when she was Zach’s partner for their season.

“Exactly, she’s garbage,” Zach said, adding, “She’s only there because they want someone to cause drama. That’s all she does.”

“She’s such a bad competitor and such a s**t human being [that ] she just goes there and creates arguments for no reason,” he said.

An individual shared a clip of Zach’s rant from the podcast on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Amanda called out Zach and Jenna after his remarks

Some of Amanda’s loyal fans may have informed her of Zach’s recent remarks, as the multi-time Challenge competitor fired away at her former castmate.

“Guys IDGAF what that skinny misogynistic loser has to say. I’m sorry his b***h f***ed half of MTV and that included his ‘best friend’ he sacrificed a milli for hahahah hating me will never erase that he’s a cry baby b***h sulking on the no call list,” Amanda tweeted.

She included a GIF from their previous season, where she called Zach a loser during a confessional interview and held an “L” sign to her forehead.

As mentioned, Zach and Amanda were teammates on Final Reckoning but never quite saw eye-to-eye. A significant moment was a critical elimination decision they couldn’t agree on.

That seems to be what Amanda is referring to. During that season, Zach worked with allies Tony Raines and Bananas and refused to betray them by voting them into elimination. Amanda didn’t want to vote for her friend Ashley Mitchell.

Since they refused to agree on who to vote for, host TJ Lavin told Zach and Amanda they had to compete, and they ultimately lost an elimination to Da’Vonne Rogers and Jozea Flores.

While Amanda didn’t mention which castmate she was referring to regarding Jenna Compono, now Zach’s wife, many fans are likely reading between the lines.

The Challenge: Battle of the Eras premieres on Wednesday, August 14, at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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