The Challenge: Jon Brennan calls out The Real World: New York cast for Hall Brawl

the challenge star jon brennan requests real world homecoming hall brawl
Jon Brennan with his castmates from The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles. Pic credit: @ jonbrennan_com/Instagram

The Real World was one of the OG shows that helped launch The Challenge when it met up with MTV’s other OG show, Road Rules.

That made The Challenge: All Stars a perfect idea for reality TV when it arrived as a spinoff series featuring OG cast members in 2021.

Now, an insider has suggested a new idea that would involve cast members from The Real World spinoffs going head to head, and Real World alum Jon Brennan seems interested, at least in one particular elimination event.

Insider suggests The Real World: All Stars

With two seasons of The Real World Homecoming, it has spawned the potential for another show. An insider online recently suggested they have a battle between casts of the Homecoming spinoffs.

“I’m peeping some drama between the NY & LA Real World casts,” Challenge superfan and insider GamerVev tweeted.

“Would be the perfect time for Real World All Stars,” the tweet also suggested.

challenge insider suggests real world all stars show
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

The original Real World: New York cast reunited for The Real World Homecoming series on Paramount Plus last year. For a follow-up season, it was The Real World: Los Angeles cast getting the spotlight.

That Los Angeles cast included icons Tami Roman, Beth Stolarczyk, and Jon Brennan. Their controversial kicked-out castmate David Edwards also returned. Of those cast members, Beth and Jon appeared on MTV’s The Challenge. Beth also returned for the first season of The Challenge: All Stars.

Jon Brennan calls out NY cast, asks TJ for Hall Brawl

In a series of tweets, The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles’ Jon Brennan was talking some smack about the New York cast, suggesting his season of Homecoming was better.

In one of his messages, he retweeted GamerVev and wondered what The Real World Homecoming: New York cast’s problem is.

“LA has been ‘uppin the ante’ of @RealWorldMTV for 30 years now. Lame gonna lame ig #TrueStory LA>NY (again),

jon brennan real world homecoming calls out ny cast
Pic credit: @JonBrennan_com/Twitter

“On behalf of @RealWorldMTV LA, I challenge RW NY to a hall brawl. Quit crying and call @tjlavin lets do this @BunimMurray @paramountplus Even eric didn’t wanna party w yall. He came to our homecoming no cap #TrueStory,” Jon also tweeted, referring to RW NY star Eric Nies.

real world los angeles jon brennan wants hall brawl
Pic credit: @JonBrennan_com/Twitter

When it comes to The Challenge, the all-time classic elimination event is the Hall Brawl. It’s where careers are made, and bodies are broken. That said, Jon realizes he’s mentally prepared for it, as he’s been involved in tougher situations than that.

“Dinner with tami & david is like a hall brawl. Just FYI,” Jon joked in another tweet.

jon brennan jokes about hall brawl
Pic credit: @JonBrennan_com/Twitter

Will there be a spinoff called Real World: All Stars? It hasn’t been confirmed anywhere yet, but it seems the fans and Jon are here for it. As far as a format goes, one has to think it could involve intense debates on real-world issues, which can be just as grueling and mentally exhausting as some of the most demanding events that take place on The Challenge!

The Challenge: All Stars and The Real World Homecoming episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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