The Challenge: Johnny Bananas shares abs photo and fans believe he’s ‘aging backwards’

johnny bananas in the challenge war of the worlds 2 confessional
Johnny Bananas during The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Many of The Challenge fans have been missing seven-time champion Johnny Bananas, as he last appeared on the show two seasons ago.

Since winning that one, he’s moved onto other entertainment ventures, including hosting gigs with NBC and his Challenge-themed podcast with The Ringer.

Bananas also remains active on social media, and a recent photo he shared definitely had fans in admiration of The Challenge legend’s physique.

Bananas shares abs photo with fans

On Friday, January 14, Johnny Bananas shared a sizzling photo taken at the Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.

In the image, Bananas is wearing a dress shirt with a tie, although they’re both open to display his well-defined abs. Bananas also wears a necklace with a pendant, fancy watch, and dark trousers to complete his look.

“Has anyone seen my buttonhole ? • @estudios_official #thisviewisbananas #photoshoot,” he asks in the post’s caption.

Challenge stars, fans react to Bananas’ post

As of this report, the Instagram post has generated over 8,400 Likes and plenty of comments, many of which are either admiring Bananas’ physique or questioning his caption. That included several Challenge cast members from the past and present.

“Had to read that twice,” Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Hughie Maughan commented with crying laughing emojis.

hughie maughan leaves comment johnny bananas ig
Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

“BananaAbs,” wrote Derrick Kosinski, coining a new phrase for his fellow Challenge champion.

derrick kosinksi comments bananas ig post
Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

“Enrique,” commented Challenge OG Kenny Santucci with a dancing man emoji.

kenny santucci leaves comment johnny bananas ig post
Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

Fans of Johnny Bananas also hopped into the comment section, with a few of them suggesting that maybe The Challenge star is “aging backwards.” That prompted Bananas to respond, referring to himself as “Banan-jamin Button.”

challenge fan comments on johnny bananas ig post
Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

“Perfect I’ve got some laundry for that washboard,” a fan commented on Bananas’ Instagram “thirst trap” post.

bananas fan comments on thirst trap ig post
Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

“Please never button that shirt,” another admiring fan wrote on Bananas’ Instagram photo share.

challenge fan never button that shirt bananas
Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

It’s clear from Johnny Bananas’ recent social media share that the former champion has kept himself in excellent physical condition. That has plenty of fans not only admiring his photo but hoping he’s planning to return to The Challenge soon.

While Bananas hasn’t revealed any intention to appear in Season 38, it’s always possible he’ll return. After all, castmate Chris “CT” Tamburello is catching up to him in terms of seasons he’s won, after that recent Spies, Lies & Allies victory.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus on MTV. Season 38 is expected to return in 2022.

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