The Challenge: Johnny Bananas, Trishelle Cannatella, and fans react to Darrell Taylor arrest news

the challenge star darrell taylor in double agents season
Darrell Taylor appears in The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

Recent news about The Challenge star Darrell Taylor has some fans and castmates stirred up as the four-time champion’s name made headlines over an arrest.

Many people have rushed to the defense of the star of MTV and Paramount Plus’ The Challenge shows after it was reported cops arrested him for public intoxication.

That included a few comments from his castmates, Trishelle Canatella and seven-time Challenge champion Johnny Bananas, and many fans supporting the OG cast member.

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Darrell’s arrest first reported as TMZ Exclusive

The news about Darrell Taylor’s arrest in Burbank, California, circulated Monday based on a TMZ report that arrived online.

TMZ indicated that police had found The Challenge star lying drunk at an apartment complex. Reportedly, someone inside the complex called the cops after they’d seen a drunk man stumbling around and ringing doorbells.

The cops arrested Darrell on a public intoxication charge, as it was mentioned it was to protect him. Based on Darrell’s side of the story to TMZ, he was trying to find his apartment and got lost, and that’s when he ended up at the hotel.

According to TMZ’s original report, Darrell was later released by the police after they brought him in on the public intoxication charge.

Johnny Bananas, Trishelle, and Challenge fans react

Once the news of Darrell’s arrest started to circulate on Challenge fan accounts on Instagram, fans and even some of Darrell’s castmates shared their reactions.

The Challenge legend Johnny Bananas chimed in with a “#freedarrell” hashtag on an Instagram post from the @challengeteaa super fan account.

johnny bananas comment darrell taylor arrested
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

Darrell’s castmate from The Challenge: All Stars’ first season, Trishelle Cannatella, said she’d “love to be arrested for something this silly and ridiculous just once,” so she could say she got arrested. She also said she was “proud of him for this” because she’d never seen her co-star drunk before.

trishelle comments darrell taylors arrest
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

Johnny Hickey, who directed, produced, and acted in Habitual, starring Darrell’s castmate, CT Tamburello, also commented. Hickey showed his support for Darrell as “one of the most solid dudes” he’s met from The Challenge and praised him as “an amazing dad,” suggesting the reports should include those details.

johnny hickey comments darrell arrest
Pic credit: @challengeoverdosebackupp/Instagram

Fans mainly supported Darrell, with some suggesting that Darrell should be more careful when drinking to protect his and other people’s safety.

challenge fan reacts darrell news arrest
Pic credit: @challengeoverdosebackupp/Instagram

Another fan commented that if Darrell wandered to their apartment, they would’ve cooked him a meal and called his wife to get him.

the challenge fan darrell news
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

The good news is that nobody was harmed during the recent incident, as Darrell Taylor and others seem to be safe. Still, many fans feel the situation might have been handled differently, rather than the cops arresting him.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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