The Challenge spoilers: Derrick Kosinski comments about castmate’s ‘savage move’ in All Stars 2

The Challenge: All Stars 2 Derrick Kosinski in Episode 4
Derrick Kosinski during The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

While the first season of The Challenge: All Stars featured a lot of nostalgia and fun for OGs and fans, Derrick Kosinski said the second season was very different.

That’s because many of the cast members really got down to business when it comes to the game and trying to win that big prize money.

Derrick recently shared his reaction to his castmates’ game moves in the All Stars 2 season, including one individual who really surprised him.

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Spoilers are in this report up through Episode 4 of The Challenge: All Stars 2.

All Stars 2, Episode 4 featured strategy targetting OG

In the first several episodes of All Stars 2 season, viewers watched things unfold with the game’s rules, and strategies began to take shape.

After Derrick and his teammate, Jodi Weatherton won the first daily challenge, they had to nominate four players for elimination. Their castmates would then cast votes to choose one male and one female from those nominees to go into elimination.

The winning players from the daily had a huge responsibility with a lot of power, and it also quickly gave the castmates they chose a reason to go after them if they returned from elimination. That came into play in Episode 4 of the season, as Derrick became a target.

Steve Meinke and Casey Cooper were winners of the daily challenge, a game of trivia high up on the side of a building. With their win, they got to decide the four nominees for elimination. Steve had been one of Derrick’s nominees in the earlier episode.

With some help from Nehemiah Clark, Steve and Casey put a plan into motion to make sure Derrick got voted in against his friend Brad Fiorenza, the men’s losing competitor in trivia. Their big plan involved making sure nobody could use a Lifeshield to save Derrick and that he was nominated against a castmate who’d have fewer votes from castmates to go into elimination.

In the end, their strategy worked, as Derrick got the majority of the castmates’ votes and went into elimination against Brad, who defeated him. That ended Derrick’s second All Stars season much quicker than his first and also surprised him.

Derrick comments about castmate’s ‘savage move’

In his appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Derrick discussed how he thought he and Casey might be working together, as they’d been buddies in previous seasons. He even felt they were reconnecting when it came to All Stars 2 until she pulled a “savage” game move on him.

“Little Casey has always been my buddy…It was so weird because we worked on that first move together. Before we got to The Challenge, we were literally working together on food and coffee. She’s literally waiting in line to get us Starbucks, and I’m waiting in line to get us Chinese food,” Derrick revealed.

He said he was communicating with her via texts and checking on her during that time and figured that they were good.

“Right there, we’re starting to re-form what I thought was a good relationship,” he said.

Derrick added that Casey came up to him when he and Jodi decided on the first elimination nominees of All Stars 2 and told him it was OK to use her as a “buffer” against Leah Gillingwater to make sure Leah got more votes.

“I’m like ‘Yes! Me and Casey are working together. I love this!'” he shared.

Aneesa said she was surprised that Casey did that to Derrick because they were like buddies in previous Challenge seasons.

“She’s little Casey. Like, who’s not rooting for little Casey? Until she pulls that savage move on Derrick! Now nobody’s rooting for little Casey!” Derrick screamed jokingly during the podcast.

Derrick says big twist coming for All Stars 2

During his podcast appearance, Derrick also discussed the “loophole” that his castmates found with the Lifeshields. The players who decided on elimination nominees wisely chose to nominate the two individuals who had Lifeshields.

By doing that, the two cast members with Lifeshields automatically chose to save themselves, which meant the Lifeshields were out of play. That was part of the master plan to make sure Derrick got voted in, as it took away Jodi and Cohutta Grindstaff’s power to save him.

“When they find this loophole, I was more blown away [by] their direct attack on me than being surprised at the rules. I didn’t see it coming,” Derrick said, adding he didn’t really know where Casey was coming from with targeting him.

“I feel like she’s been waiting to make a blindside move like that for a long time,” Derrick shared.

He went on to add that once Casey stopped appearing in The Challenge years ago, she also stopped watching the show. However, she “fell in love with Big Brother,” so that may be where this move came from.

Even though his season ended early, Derrick seemed to have inside information about something big on the way for All Stars 2 competitors.

“There’s a twist coming up,” he revealed during the podcast interview, adding, “It’s that midseason twist” and that he wished he was still there to enjoy it.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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