The Challenge All Stars 2, Episode 4 Recap: TJ’s trivia, sneaky strategies, and an epic elimination rematch

the challenge all stars 2 cast members in episode 4
The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members assemble for daily mission in Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

As The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast returned to the house, Jodi Weatherton was ecstatic to have finally gone into her first elimination and won it. 

In another scene, MJ Garrett talked to Darrell Taylor and Cohutta Grindstaff about making some moves. Nehemiah Clark was near the room eavesdropping. In confessional, MJ said they had an alliance that also included Brad Fiorenza.

In another room, Nehemiah, Laterrian Wallace, and Steve Meinke talked about having targets on them. In confessional, Laterrian said he also felt that others in their room, Teck Holmes and Melinda Collins, weren’t safe.

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Katie Cooley spoke with Tina Barta and Janelle Casaneve about who they’d want to go against and who they might vote in.

Derrick Kosinski spoke with Nehemiah about being upset with who he nominated for the previous elimination.

All Stars face fear of heights and trivia

Host TJ Lavin met the Challengers for their next daily mission, which involved a platform on the side of a very tall building. TJ pointed out how a few of them don’t necessarily love heights, including Darrell, Katie, and Casey Cooper.

He revealed the rules for Bright Skies, where competitors were harnessed standing on a platform 25 stories above the ground. TJ said he’d give them each a question with multiple answers. If someone couldn’t give him one of those answers, they’d get dropped down 10 stories.

They played in two rounds, with one round for the men and another for the women. The last man and woman standing in their rounds won and were safe from elimination. The first ones to lose in each round were automatically going in.

Katie began freaking out once she was standing on the platform. She demanded they get her off there because she wasn’t going to participate. TJ begged her to try it, and she refused. They took her off, and she was disqualified. That quickly gave the women their first individual for elimination.

It came down to Jonna Mannion vs. Casey, and they had to name Harry Potter books. They kept going back and forth until Jonna couldn’t name the last one. Casey was the winner and excited about her first solo daily win in Challenge history.

Brad was the first one to drop from the men’s round. It came down to Laterrian versus Steve for the men after Darrell Taylor couldn’t name one of People’s Most Sexiest Men Alive. In the final matchup, Steve had to name one of the 10 fastest land animals and chose cheetah. Laterrian said zebra and got dropped.

Casey and Steve were the daily winners, so they got to nominate four people for the elimination.

Nominees decided, cast votes for elimination matchups

Teck, Nehemiah, and Steve spoke in their room about Steve’s nominee decision. Steve said he wanted to attack the “three-headed monster” of Brad, Darrell, and Derrick. They talked over a plan to send Derrick in against Brad.

Katie talked to Ayanna Mackins about being more comfortable going into elimination than being in that daily challenge. Katie also revealed she didn’t want Kendal Sheppard put into elimination and felt Steve would have her back.

Casey and Steve talked over the nominees. They made a plan to go after Derrick. They put Cohutta and Tyler Duckworth as the guys’ nominees and Kendal and Jodi for the women.

They realized Cohutta and Jodi had Lifeshields from winning the Episode 3 elimination, so they’d save themselves. However, Steve also realized putting Kendal’s name there was going to upset Katie.

steve meinke and casey cooper meeting in all stars 2 episode 4
Steve Meinke and Casey Cooper decide on their nominees for All Stars 2 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

Casey and Steve called Jodi and Cohutta to talk. Both took their names off the board using their Lifeshields, so Steve and Casey put Derrick and Ayanna’s names up to replace them. There were no Lifeshields now to save anyone.

Katie confronted Steve later on about the people’s names he put on the board. Steve said Katie told him she didn’t care.

“I said use your brain…You need lessons in how to play this game. I said pick who you think I’m gonna f***ing beat,” Katie told him.

Later on, the cast met to vote for elimination opponents. Katie spoke up, saying she requested not to face Kendal so she’d appreciate it if people wouldn’t vote her in. Ayanna stood up and said she came “ready to play” as she took off her top to reveal she had her Challenge gear on underneath.

The cast voted, and the majority of votes went to Ayanna and Derrick. With that, Derrick put others on notice that if and when he returns, he’d be going after them.

He and Brad hugged ahead of their battle. Brad remembered back to Gauntlet 2 when Derrick beat him in an elimination.

Who went home in All Stars 2, Episode 4 elimination?

It was Derrick vs. Brad and Ayanna vs. Katie in Weight There’s More. There were two giant ramps, with a puzzle inside of each one. Competitors had to get 1,000 pounds of bags across the Arena and placed inside their ramp to make the puzzle rise so they could work on it. The first player to solve their puzzle would win, and the loser would go home.

Ayanna went into “Beast Mode,” as Teck described it in his confessional. Katie kept going too, but Ayanna got all 1,000 pounds of weight transferred first, so she started on her puzzle. It involved moving colored skulls around to get the colors arranged in order. Ayanna seemed to whip through the puzzle and picked up the win.

The men went toe-to-toe with transferring their bags of weight and started on their puzzles around the same time. Many castmates were cheering on Brad. Nehemiah wore a beard in support of Brad. Ultimately, Brad arranged his puzzle faster and defeated Derrick. Casey and Steve hugged because their strategy worked out.

the challenge all stars 2 weight theres more elimination
Competitors battled in Weight There’s More for the All Stars 2, Episode 4 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

Katie and Derrick said their goodbyes. In confessional, Katie wished good luck to Steve because he’s probably going to elimination soon. Steve said in his confessional he didn’t do enough to protect his good friend Katie and didn’t know how to fix it. Derrick praised his castmates for taking their shot and getting him out of the game.

Brad and Ayanna received Lifeshields with their wins. They rejoined the cast, ready to make some moves as the season continues. Nehemiah realized his fellow Challengers would be aggressive and wouldn’t let his alliance skate by under their noses.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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