The Challenge: Former finalist Theo Campbell asks MTV to bring back Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello

theo campbell in the challenge war of the worlds 2 season
Former Challenge finalist Theo Campbell during his War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Former finalist Theo Campbell wants to see himself and several former castmates back on MTV’s The Challenge. Campbell last appeared in the War of the Worlds 2 season with Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello, who also haven’t been back on the show since then.

He’s now asking MTV to bring them back to the show and also commented about who he wants to see as their teammates for that season.

In addition, he’s asked MTV to bring back one of the people he previously eliminated from the show, saying it was “unfair” he had to go against Theo in the elimination event.

Theo asks The Challenge to bring back Paulie Calafiore

It’s been over two years since Theo Campbell, Paulie Calafiore, or Cara Maria Sorbello appeared on MTV’s The Challenge. However, all three seem intent on returning to the competition series.

Recently, Paulie responded to a fan’s “ask me anything” question on his Instagram Story, giving his thoughts about the new series announced called The Challenge: War of the Worlds and The Challenge: CBS (working title).

His comments drew some heat from fans and even reactions from a few of The Challenge: All Stars and Theo Campbell. Theo commented on the superfan account @thechallengeshaderoom’s Instagram post about Paulie’s IG Story remarks, which included Paulie saying he would be the first-ever “Global World Champion” from the United States.

“Isn’t CT technically a Global champ from the US?” Theo commented, possibly referring to Chris “CT” Tamburello having just won the international-themed season Spies, Lies & Allies.

theo campbell comments on thechallengeshaderoom ig post
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Following that Instagram comment, Theo took to Twitter to lobby for Paulie’s return to The Challenge.

“Bring @PaulCalafiore_ back to the challenge! Real American champ @ChallengeMTV ? #bringbackpaulie #internationalchamp,” Theo tweeted on Saturday.

theo campbell tweets for the challenge to bring back paulie calafiore
Pic credit: @theo_campbell91/Twitter

“Stop trying to butter me up, you ain’t getting another kiss,” Paulie replied with a GIF.

Viewers saw Theo and Paulie get into one another’s faces during an episode of their War of the Worlds 2 season, almost looking like they might kiss. Theo previously partnered with Paulie’s girlfriend, Cara Maria Sorbello, for the first War of the Worlds season. Cara was also part of the WOTW 2 cast.

Theo also asked for Cara Maria, Idris Virgo to return

Theo tweeted several more suggestions for MTV’s The Challenge. He also asked them to bring back Idris Virgo, whom he eliminated during that War of the Worlds 2 season.

theo campbell tweets for mtv to bring idris back to the challenge
Pic credit: @theo_campbell91/Twitterr

In a final Challenge-related tweet, Theo proposed some teammates if Paulie, Cara Maria, and himself return to the show. Theo suggested that he’d team up with his War of the Worlds partner Cara in his return.

He also said that Paulie should team with veteran Tori Deal “to make sure Cara doesn’t let Paulie win.”

theo campbell suggests teammates for his challenge return
Pic credit: @theo_campbell91/Twitter

As of this report, there’s been no indication about the plan for the next regular season of MTV’s The Challenge, which would be Season 38, although there have been rumors that casting calls were made.

There are a few new series on the way with The Challenge: CBS (working title), The Challenge: UK, The Challenge: Argentina, and The Challenge: Australia, but it’s unknown if Paulie, Theo, or Idris will appear as part of the cast for these shows.

Theo, 30, reached the final in his rookie season, The Challenge: War of the Worlds on MTV, and finished as a runner-up, taking home $200,000 in prize money. He returned for War of the Worlds 2 but was eliminated in Episode 11 by Jordan Wiseley.

Several years ago, he suffered a devastating eye injury when a cork shot out of a champagne bottle and hit him in the eye, causing him to lose sight in that eye. However, he’s continued with his intense training routines and still tweets about returning to The Challenge here or there.

Theo is currently appearing in Celebrity Ex on the Beach on MTV UK. He also revealed earlier this month he’s participating in a celebrity boxing event scheduled to take place at London’s O2 Arena in April.

The Challenge is on hiatus on MTV with Season 38 TBA. The Challenge: War of the Worlds is also TBA for Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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