The Challenge OGs blast Paulie Calafiore for War of the Worlds post, Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie respond

paulie calafiore during the challenge final reckoning elimination event
Several of The Challenge: All Stars blasted Paulie Calafiore in comments related to his War of the Worlds remarks. Pic credit: Parramount+

After Paulie Calafiore commented about The Challenge: CBS and War of The Worlds series coming soon, several cast members from The Challenge: All Stars blasted him for trying to remain relevant or get back onto the show.

Trishelle Canatella, who was part of the first All Stars season, and Tyler Duckworth, from the second season, commented after seeing a super fan’s Instagram share regarding Paulie and how he felt War of the Worlds was a good idea.

Paulie and his girlfriend, Cara Maria Sorbello, responded upon seeing their comments, possibly setting off another battle between Challenge cast members on social media.

Paulie said he’ll be ‘first global champion’ from United States

Four new Challenge shows were announced last week, including The Challenge: CBS and The Challenge: War of the Worlds. The CBS series, still a “working title,” is said to feature CBS reality TV stars.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds on Paramount Plus is a two-part tournament. It will feature finalists from The Challenge: CBS, based in the United States, The Challenge: UK, The Challenge: Argentina, and The Challenge: Argentina.

One individual will ultimately emerge from War of the Worlds as the first-ever Challenge World Champion, and based on Paulie’s comments, he believes he’ll be the first from the United States to do so.

“Mark these words. I will be the first Global Champion from the US,” the two-time Challenge finalist wrote across an Instagram Story slide.

The slide was part of a Q&A where Paulie answered questions people sent him. One asked his thoughts on The Challenge: CBS and War of the Worlds.

Paulie praised the idea as “amazing” and said he hopes “the competitors bring it because they have been seriously lacking the past 3 seasons.” He also brought up how “other countries don’t care about ‘good personalities but want to “bring honor back to their nation.”

The superfan’s Instagram post below includes a screenshot of some fan comments from Twitter in the second slide, including one showing images of former Challenge competitors.

They are Dee Nguyen, who MTV fired after insensitive comments about Black Lives Matter, and Stephen Bear, who is currently awaiting a trial over revenge porn charges.

An official cast list hasn’t been revealed for any of the new shows announced, so it’s unclear if Paulie has inside information or is making an attempt to rejoin The Challenge.

He and girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello last appeared on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, which aired on MTV in 2019. Since then, they’ve been away from the show as three more seasons have aired. The status of Season 38 for MTV is currently unknown.

The Challenge OGs react, Paulie and Cara respond

After the super fan account @thechallengeshaderoom shared Paulie’s Instagram Story slide, many fans commented, as well as two of The Challenge: All Stars. Trishelle Canatella and Tyler Duckworth saw the Instagram post and left their thoughts about Paulie’s attempts to get back onto the show.

Trishelle said she got “Secondhand embarrassment” from Paulie’s Instagram Story comments.

“I have never seen anyone beg so hard to be on a show. It’s painful to watch,” the former Real World: Las Vegas and All Stars cast member said.

trishelle comments about paulie ig story comments wotw
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Two-time Challenge champion Cara Maria Sorbello jumped into the comments to defend Paulie.

“I see you had nothing to say in the comments about bears arrest for revenge porn. But you ran to this post to comment that THIS is painful to watch? ? girl. Come on now,” Cara Maria responded, referring to her former Challenge castmate Stephen Bear.

cara maria responds to trishelle comment about paulie
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Tyler Duckworth, also a two-time Challenge champion, made his thoughts known as well, suggesting that for Paulie, The Challenge is life and commanded fans to “DRAG HER!!”

the challenge star tyler duckworth comments about paulie ig story
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

That prompted Paulie to respond, calling Tyler “fake as hell” for making that comment after their previous interaction at Syrus Yarbrough’s All Stars 2 party.

“Now I know you ain’t the same man who sought me out at Syrus’ All Star 2 event to tell me how you and your friends loved me. Yet here you are after I showed you nothing but respect? Fake as hell bro,” Paulie commented.

paulie calls out the challenge og tyler duckworth in ig comment
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

In addition to the four shows culminating in War of the Worlds, the third season of All Stars was revealed with a May 11 premiere date for Paramount Plus.

As of this report, it’s unknown if any of the above Challengers will appear in upcoming shows for Paramount Plus, CBS, MTV, or elsewhere. However, it seems they might need to add another competitive series to the mix, with The Challenge: Social Media.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds’ premiere date is TBA for Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 arrives May 11 on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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