The Challenge finalist teases return to compete, castmates hint it could be trolling

the challenge vendettas cast members
Cast members from The Challenge: Vendettas season. Pic credit: Paramount+

A former Real World star and Challenge finalist might be getting ready to return to the MTV competition series after several years away from the show.

If it’s true, it could mean he’s planning to reemerge on one of The Challenge shows, which could mean the main MTV show or a spinoff on Paramount Plus.

However, several of his castmates aren’t so sure that it’s teasing a return, rather than just trolling the fans who would love to see them back again.

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The Challenge, Real World star teases return

In a recent social media update, Tony Raines shared a photo of his chiseled physique as he stood in the gym shirtless, presumably after a workout.

“Staying ready for whatever CHALLENGE life brings me,” the former Vendettas finalist shared in his caption, with Spoga Fitness Center as his location.

That sort of caption and photo would easily spark speculation from fans of Tony and the series that he could have received a call to appear on one of The Challenge shows.

Tony last appeared on the MTV competition show in 2018 for Final Reckoning, which was the 31st season of the show. The former Real World: Skeletons cast member has been busy with his family now. However, it appears he hasn’t lost the desire to stay in tip-top shape.

His best season was easily Vendettas, where he reached the final alongside castmates Zach Nichols, Cara Maria Sorbello, Kyle Christie, and Kailah Casillas. Cara Maria ended up the sole winner for the season.

The Challenge castmates, fans react to Tony’s IG tease

With Tony’s recent tease, it seems many fans are hoping for the return of “Tony Time.” He seems to have no signs of a dad bod and could give CT Tamburello and Cory Wharton a run for their money in terms of other Challenge dads.

“Just watching older episodes and thinking they should bring you back!!! Glad you’re staying ready ? ? ?,” a fan commented on Tony’s IG post.

Challenge fan reacts to possible Tony Raines return
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

“We’re all waiting for your return to The Challenge!” another fan commented, receiving over 100 Likes from possible like-minded fans.

fan reacts to the challenge tony raines tease
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

“Please tell us this means you’re back for the next season!?!?” a fan commented, but it’s unclear if they meant the announced Season 37 they just wrapped filming for or a potential 38th season.

the challenge fan comments tony raines the challenge ig post
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

“You can’t just tease us like that!” another fan commented, clearly wanting to know if this is legit or Tony messing around.

the challenge fan tease tony raines post
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

A few of Tony’s former castmates from The Challenge also appeared in the comments, Challenge winners Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann.

Johnny was on board with fans, as the seven-time champion told him not to play with his emotions.

johnny bananas reacts tony raines instagram post
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

Two-time champion Wes Bergmann won’t be on Season 37, as he previously announced he was taking a season off for another project he’s involved with. He didn’t shy away from an opportunity to comment on Tony’s “troll level,” though.

wes bergmann comments on tony raines instagram post
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

So is it a troll job, or has Tony been contacted? Based on online spoilers, it doesn’t appear fans will see him on the upcoming Challenge season that wrapped filming.

However, The Challenge: All Stars’ second season is forming a cast, with a shortlist already circulating online. Tony’s name could very easily pop up on that list, so stay tuned.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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