The Challenge: Emily Seebohm says she doesn’t think she can forgive castmate Kiki Morris

emily seebohm appears in the challenge world championship
Emily Seebohm during The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: World Championship has brought competitors from many regions worldwide into a global competition that sometimes seems quite cutthroat.

One of the stories under the spotlight during the spinoff season involves The Challenge: Australia winner Kiki Morris and Emily Seebohm.

Based on the footage, the two have a heated feud or rivalry that extends back to their Australian spinoff season of the competition series.

Kiki has mentioned in her commentary that she feels Emily is trying to take her out due to the fact Kiki defeated Emily in elimination and then won their season.

However, Emily recently shared that she doesn’t understand what that’s all about based on interactions in the house during World Championship.

The Olympic swimmer also shared she doesn’t think she’ll be able to forgive her castmate for what she said about her.

The Challenge: World Championship Emily doesn’t understand why Kiki has beef

Emily and her teammate, All Stars Season 1 winner Yes Duffy, appeared as guests on the latest episode of the Official Challenge Podcast. During their time there, hosts Aneesa Ferreira and Devyn Simone tried to get Emily to reveal what caused the feud between her and Kiki.

However, Emily seemed to wonder about that herself, saying she and Kiki didn’t talk after The Challenge: Australia at all before going to film for the World Championship.

Devyn brought up how when Kiki appeared on the podcast, she said that Emily probably had it out for her after Kiki eliminated her from The Challenge: Australia and went on to win.

“So why is she bitter? Like, who cares?” Emily asked, referring to the fact she won their season and shouldn’t carry animosity into the World Championship.

Viewers were shown footage after the opening qualifier, where the MVPs got to vote in two of their castmates- one man and one woman, for the first elimination.

The footage made it seem Emily was plotting with Grant and others to get rid of Kiki, as she got voted into the first elimination, where she defeated Claudia Albertario in a Pole Wrestle. That seemed to set the story of Kiki and Emily’s feud into motion.

During that early part of the World Championship season, Kiki also shared an Instagram post comparing her castmates, Emily and Grant Crapp, to some of the most venomous snakes found in Australia. A Reddit user shared the image on a forum thread.

Kiki’s perception was that she wasn’t part of an alliance involving her Australian castmates, feeling they weren’t including her in their game plan, which brought about the IG post with the snakes reference.

However, during the podcast, Emily seemed to indicate that Kiki was aware of what was going on, and it wasn’t all happening behind her back. Kiki’s snake comparison, along with comments that Kiki made during World Championship, didn’t seem to sit well with Emily.

Emily said she’s not sure she can forgive Kiki for throwing shade

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m gonna forgive that, though. I feel like there’s too much. Like the way she talks about me in her interviews sometimes is like a bit much,” Emily said during the podcast.

Emily explained in the opening qualifier challenge, she had been winning by about 30 minutes in the race aspect along with castmate Sarah Lacina.

However, they both struggled to set up a large flag pole in that opening challenge. Kiki completed that part before her opponents, which ultimately helped her finish the qualifier ahead of Sarah and Emily.

Emily said Kiki bragged in confessional about how she beat an Olympic athlete again, but in reality, Emily said she hadn’t beaten her at her sport of choice, swimming. Based on Emily’s remarks, she felt Kiki went a bit too far in her confessional comments about her.

During her appearance on the podcast, Emily also dispelled rumors that she was plotting things in the game behind her teammate Yes’s back. She said she was fortunate to have Yes as a partner because they talked all the time, and Yes was in on all the game moves she discussed with others.

In World Championship Episode 10, Yes and Emily won the daily challenge due to the swimming aspect of the event. The losing team happened to be Kiki and her teammate, Darrell Taylor, sending them automatically into elimination.

Since the voting cast members got locked into a stalemate vote, it gave all the power to Emily and Yes to decide their opponents. They sent in fellow Australian team Troy Cullen and Kaycee Clark, who eliminated Kiki and Darrell for the season.

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