The Challenge: World Championship Episode 10 recap: Jordan Wiseley’s mistake and team loyalties in question

jordan wiseley in the challenge world championship episode 10
The Challenge star Jordan Wiseley featured in World Championship Episode 10. Pic credit: Paramount+

As the cast returned home, Kiki Morris and Darrell Taylor celebrated their bittersweet elimination win over KellyAnne Judd and Tristan Phipps.

Kiki was upset she’d sent her allies home and said in confessional she might have a few others left, but some people were fake in the house.

In a confessional, Darrell said his motivation to win is his two kids and wife back home, so he and Kiki need to stay out of elimination today.

Kaz Crossley was worried about her teammate Jordan Wiseley not listening to her about what to do in the game, based on him making her send Tristan into elimination instead of his ex Tori Deal.

Sarah Lacina and Danny McCray strategized with Yes Duffy and Emily Seebohn about winning the next daily challenge to avoid elimination.

Danny and Sarah previously made a deal with Tori and Jordan about getting rid of Emily and Yes next, which is why Sarah wanted her friend to win and stay safe from elimination.

Competitors participate in Points Break swim and puzzle-solving event

TJ greeted the Challengers for a daily event with six floating platforms out on a lake. Each platform had a puzzle piece on it. Once TJ blew the horn, teams swam out to a platform of their choice and grabbed a puzzle piece to bring back to shore.

Each team was assigned a color: Jordan and Kaz were Purple, Yes and Emily were Yellow, Tori and Danny were Orange, Theo Campbell and Sarah were Green, Darrel and Kiki were Blue, and Kaycee Clark and Troy Cullen were Red.

TJ told the competitors they had to return to the water and swim to get each puzzle piece until they’d brought all six to shore. Once they solved the puzzle, they had to answer a question about it, asking how many triangles were in the bigger triangle they’d assembled.

TJ said they could only call for three checks to get it right before they were done. The other major twist was teammates were tethered together for the entire daily challenge, making the swim tougher.

During the swim, Kiki was struggling with her asthma and anxiety. Darrell tried to push her to keep going. Sarah was frustrated Theo was the biggest guy in the house tied to her and couldn’t swim.

Jordan and Kaz stayed as close as they could to Emily and Yes so they wouldn’t fall behind. Jordan mistakenly grabbed the wrong color puzzle piece at one point, adding a penalty of an extra swimming lap for him and Kaz.

emily seebohn with jordan wiseley and tj lavin in the challenge world championship
Emily Seebohn and Jordan Wiseley in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 10. Pic credit: Paramount+

Jodan’s mistake gave Darrell and Kiki an advantage by bringing their piece to shore. However, they couldn’t solve the question about their puzzle, while the other teams all finished the event.

Ultimately, the daily challenge winners were Yes and Emily, barely over Jordan and Kaz. Jordan was irate over his mistake. Darrell and Kiki finished last, sending them straight to elimination.

The Challengers discuss strategies and loyalties before deliberation

Due to previous circumstances, Emily wanted to eliminate her fellow Aussies by putting Troy and Kaycee into the elimination against Darrell and Kiki.

Danny, Sarah, and Emily chatted about strategy in another room in the house, suggesting they don’t play with emotion. Danny said they weren’t concerned with Tori, Jordan, and the other castmates’ friendships and getting them to the final.

Danny was happy that one of Tori’s No. 1 allies — Kaycee or Jordan — was possibly going home. In another room, Jordan assured Kaycee he wouldn’t say her name at the voting session.

Tori spoke to Theo privately about possibly putting herself and Danny into the elimination to protect her friends from it. Theo wasn’t sure Danny would agree.

In another conversation outside the house, Jordan said he and Kaz should go into elimination so Tori doesn’t have to make that decision. Kaz wasn’t happy with him trying to override her opinion as his teammate.

They had a dual confessional that featured them bickering about Kaz being treated as an equal. Kaz got frustrated and walked off the set while Jordan was going off.

At deliberation, Jordan set aside his previous objective for the sake of keeping him and Kaz safe. He said it showed their growth as a team that they could come to an agreement.

At the deliberation, the remaining teams came to a stalemate with their votes, so they allowed Emily and Yes to decide who would go in.

Who went home in World Championship Episode 10?

TJ welcomed everyone to The Arena and brought up the stalemate vote. Emily and Yes chose Kaycee and Troy to go down into the elimination against Darrell and Kiki, creating a battle between The Challenge: Australian winners.

TJ asked Emily why she put another Aussie team in. She said Troy fired a shot at them a bit ago, so this was to repay the favor. In confessional, Darrell called it “Aussie on Aussie crime.”

They competed in Breakthrough, which featured a giant “brick wall” in The Arena. They had to swing through the wall on a rope and reassemble all the bricks correctly to reveal a math equation.

darrell taylor and troy cullen in the challenge world championship
The Challengers Troy Cullen and Darrell Taylor compete in World Championship Episode 10 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

Solving the math equation on the back of the wall gave them a combination lock code. Next, they had to swing through a second wall and race over to a box full of puzzle pieces to assemble The Challenge: World Championship logo. The first team to complete it correctly won, while the losers would go home.

Both teams smashed through their brick walls and reassembled the brick wall to reveal their math equations. However, Darrell and Kiki struggled to get the correct answer to unlock their combination lock and move on.

That gave Kaycee and Troy the advantage as they had plenty of time to break through their second wall and solve their second puzzle. TJ blew the horn, giving them the win.

Darrell was upset about losing but said he was proud of his teammate. In their exit interview, Kiki said she was proud of all she overcame, including asthma and anxiety attacks. Kiki hoped her friend and fellow Aussie winner Troy could win the World Championship.

TJ told everyone to get out of there and would see them at the next challenge. With their win, Troy and Kaycee set their sights on getting rid of Emily and Yes.

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