The Challenge: Double Agents Votes Declassified shows Episode 9 secret voting decisions

aneesa ferreira in the challenge double agents episode 9 voting
Aneesa Ferreira explains her voting decision in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 9. Pic credit: MTV

Each week on The Challenge: Double Agents, competitors get to place individual secret votes for which team they want to send into elimination.

Viewers see how some of the competitors voted during the episodes, while others’ votes are revealed later in extra footage released from the show.

A new Votes Declassified video has arrived for Double Agents Episode 9, and while many teams voted the same way, there were a select few who did something different.

Many Double Agents Episode 9 votes went for one team

In some weeks on The Challenge Season 36, voting is close, but that wasn’t the case in Double Agents Episode 9. The majority of the house votes went towards Theresa Jones and her partner Cory Wharton.

It wasn’t because of Cory, but more so because of Theresa. Kam Williams and Nany Gonzalez both realized it would be smart to get rid of a strong competitor like Theresa before a final.

Ultimately, that’s what happened, as pretty much everyone was on board for that idea. Theresa got put into elimination, and then the Double Agents power team of Amber Borzotra and Darrell Taylor put in Kaycee Clark and Leroy Garrett. Kaycee easily won elimination to send Theresa home.

As shown in the new Votes Declassified footage released on the MTV Challenge Instagram (below), there were a few exceptions in the voting.

Once the power team of Darrell and Amber B. went into the secret room to see how voting went, Darrell pretty much summed it up. It was “pretty much the whole house” that voted for Theresa because she’d put a target on her back several episodes ago with her sneaky moves.

Which competitors didn’t vote with the majority?

One of the first people shown during the Double Agents Episode 9 voting was veteran Aneesa Ferreira. She revealed during her vote that she promised never to say Theresa’s name. Instead, she voted for the rookie team of Lolo Jones and Nam Vo.

Theresa’s partner Cory Wharton obviously wasn’t going to send himself in, even if he later admitted he wanted his partner to get sent home so he could become a Rogue Agent. Cory also voted for Nam and Lolo.

“I’m pretty clear thinking that I’m the house vote, so good luck to me tonight,” Theresa said as she placed her vote for Gabby Allen and Devin Walker.

Devin returned the favor with a vote back at her but added, “Theresa, I want you to win. I want you to come back and go full Devin.”

Unfortunately, everyone else basically sent their votes towards Theresa Jones. Even if she had been on board with the way her partner and Aneesa voted, it wouldn’t have been enough to save the veteran from elimination.

Theresa has also gone on record saying this was likely her last season of The Challenge, as she’ll now get to enjoy time off reality TV with her husband and kids.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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