The Challenge’s Cory Wharton reacts to Double Agents competitor’s exit: ‘She was already checked out’

cory wharton spoke on the challenge double agents aftermath show
Cory Wharton spoke about his latest partner getting eliminated from Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Over the course of The Challenge: Double Agents season, Cory Wharton has lost several teammates for various reasons.

Some fans may even view it as the “Cory Curse,” as he watched another partner get eliminated in Episode 8 of Season 36.

However, according to Cory, he believes his latest partner that left the show was mentally “checked out,” and that’s why she failed to win during her elimination event.

Cory Wharton speaks on latest partner’s elimination

During Double Agents Episode 9, Cory Wharton had to sit on the sidelines and watch as his latest partner, Theresa Jones, struggled in an elimination against the second-year competitor, Kaycee Clark.

Based on Darrell Taylor, Devin Walker, and Cory’s comments on the Double Agents Aftermath show (below), Kaycee dominated that elimination event. However, Cory said he felt it was similar to Wes’s situation where Wes lost to Devin because his mind wasn’t in it.

“If you’re mentally already checked out of The Challenge, you’re gonna lose,” Cory said.

“I feel like she felt like everyone was against her, and even if she did win, she had a rough climb to the top, you know?” Cory commented about his latest partner’s situation. 

“I feel like mentally she was already checked out at that point, so yeah,” Cory added.

Before voting and elimination happened, Amber Borzotra and Darrell became the Double Agents power team because Darrell won the daily mission. Since they figured it would be a female elimination day, Amber B. started to strategize about who to send in.

Earlier in the episode, she had issues with Amber M and Gabby Allen. However, Amber M. was the Rogue Agent, and Nany Gonzalez had a conversation with Amber B. about Gabby. She told her it would be wiser to try to get rid of Theresa because she is likely the tougher competitor in a final.

It wasn’t difficult to get the rest of the house on board with sending Theresa into elimination. During the deliberation meeting, it became obvious there wasn’t much she could do about that, so she didn’t say much.

At the elimination, Darell and Amber B. chose to send in Kaycee, who defeated Theresa 3-0 in Snapping Point. That sent Theresa home where she could be with her husband and kids, but unfortunately, she wouldn’t be competing for that big prize money anymore.

Cory also revealed during Aftermath that he wasn’t really cheering for Theresa at elimination because he didn’t want her to win. Cory said he wasn’t working with her so he wanted to be a Rogue Agent.

Cory may be cursed on Double Agents

When the Double Agents season began, all of the competitors had to partner up. Cory and fellow veteran Tori Deal teamed up, but it didn’t last too long.

Several episodes later, Devin Walker defeated Wes Bergmann in elimination and got to choose a new partner. He opted to infiltrate Cory and Tori’s team, taking Tori as his new teammate.

Since Wes lost, his partner Natalie Anderson became Cory’s new partner by default. However, she had to leave the show due to personal reasons.

Cory was then partnered up with a returning Ashley Mitchell. She would get sent back into elimination within a few episodes and went home for good after Kam Williams defeated her.

Cory was a Rogue Agent, right up until Theresa’s original partner Jay Starrett lost to Leroy Garrett in elimination. That meant Cory and Theresa were teamed up- until Episode 9.

After Theresa lost to Kaycee in the elimination, the Rogue Agent Amber M became Cory’s latest partner. However, viewers have seen that Amber M. has a target on her back, as many competitors view the rookie as potentially easy to defeat in elimination.

That target on Amber M. has ended up getting two of her male partners sent home already, as Nelson Thomas and Mechie Harris have both been sent home due to their association with her. Could Cory be next, or will his apparent curse affect Amber M. first?

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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