The Challenge: Double Agents star reacts after early elimination, shares message for friends who crossed him

the challenge double agents star reacts to early exit friends and enemies on show
Competitors prepare for a daily challenge on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The third episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents brought plenty of drama and emotion with it, including a tough physical challenge, a blowup in the house, and a big elimination.

That elimination saw another major star sent home from the show, and now he’s commenting some more about what went down during his latest appearance.

This article may contain spoilers for those who haven’t watched the Wednesday, December 23 episode of Double Agents, so be warned.

What happened in the Double Agents elimination?

Something viewers have seen from the start of Double Agents is that several players have big targets on their backs. In just the first episode, some major power moves happened in the house. Many people attempted to pit the Ashley Mitchell and CT Tamburello team against Wes Bergmann and Natalie Anderson.

The reasoning behind it is those players hold multiple Challenge championships among them, and rookie Natalie is a Survivor champ. “Killa” Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett entered the game as a committed couple, and they’re also committed to winning, so they attempted to get rid of former champs.

Their first elimination didn’t work out as anticipated, as the two men weren’t involved in it. Instead, it was a woman’s elimination, and Ashley Mitchell got sent home by Natalie.

In the third episode, the house voted for Devin Walker and Nicole Zanatta, the latter of whom was already medically disqualified and sent home. That meant Devin was going into a men’s elimination. Since the winning team for the day was Leroy and Kaycee Clark, they got to vote for someone to go against Devin. They chose Wes.

That decision came after Wes had tried to talk to Leroy and Kam about getting on the same page, but it appeared despite having a friendship outside of the show, Leroy wasn’t having it.

While it appeared to be a tough elimination event, Devin eventually won it as Wes’s motivation may have been hurt by having friends working against him. Devin earned a Double Agents Gold Skull, while Wes was sent home from the show extremely early.

Wes reacts to his early exit and how others played the game

Following last night’s episode, there was a Double Agents Aftermath episode where competitors appear on a live video chat with former Challenge star Devyn Simone to discuss things. Kam and Leroy were there, as were CT, Devin, Tori Deal, and Nelson Thomas. However, Wes was not a participant in that chat.

Instead, he took to his social media to share thoughts about what went down, and it appears he’s quite hurt over the situation.

In the Instagram post below, Wes talks about being ousted early from the game that he’s participated in many times over the years.

“I can’t lie: I am embarrassed, sad, & my feelings are hurt. I take this ‘game’ very seriously, & I lost. I don’t want to sugar coat it, or pretend IDGAF, because I do,” Wes wrote in his caption.

Wes also praised all of the cast and crew involved in making The Challenge such a great show.

“I’m incredibly proud of the diversity of cast and crew, & the amazing personalities I’ve befriended & learned from b/c of it,” Wes said in his post.

However, Wes also brought up his enemies and friends in the message he shared, with some of the comments possibly coming across as sarcastic to various readers.

“To my enemies: good game. B/c you stabbed me in the front instead of the back, that makes me incredibly open to becoming friends. What do you say?!” he put in the caption with a crying laughing emoji after it.

It seems Wes was mostly hurt by people he considered his friends making the moves they did in the game.

“To my friends that crossed me: not cool. Fortunately for you, there were a lot of you. So I’ve decided to give you all a pass. If there was only 1-or-2 of you, I’d seek revenge, like in Kill Bill. But this isn’t a movie; so I’m not going to even attempt it. So instead, you all get mulligans,” Wes shared.

He calls out castmates as being “shady” for thinking they needed to cross him before he might cross them.

“When you say I’m a piece of s**t in your interview, but I’ve never been a piece of s**t to you either in the game or life – that makes you the piece of s**t. It makes you a sheep. It’s propaganda,” Wes added.


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Wes previously shared a series of private messages that he had with castmate Aneesa Ferreira following the premiere episode of the show. In those, Aneesa appears to apologize for things she said on the show. Wes tries to tell her to issue a public apology using specific words in it. Aneesa said she wasn’t going to do so and ended their conversation.

In addition, Wes was on a live video chat with castmate Fessy Shafaat in which he talked about taking a season off from The Challenge. That means viewers won’t see the mastermind player on Season 37, but until he announces retirement, it seems likely that the two-time champion will be back sometime in the future.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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