The Challenge CBS spoilers: Latest elimination results reveal one show may be dominating spinoff

tj lavin at spies lies and allies elimination
Host TJ Lavin presides over eliminations for The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

The field of competitors for The Challenge CBS spinoff has only a dozen cast members remaining, as it appears the show is closer to determining its finalists.

While the spinoff show featuring CBS reality TV stars initially started with 28 competitors, less than half of those competitors are still part of the game.

This report contains spoilers for the two most recent eliminations, leaving just a dozen cast members from the Big Brother, Love Island, Amazing Race, and Survivor shows.

Two more eliminations revealed for Challenge CBS spinoff

Over the past several weeks, The Challenge CBS spinoff has been filming in Argentina, with TJ Lavin from MTV’s The Challenge and Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars as the show’s host.

There are eliminations after each day’s daily challenge, just like fans have seen on those familiar shows. It’s still unclear how voting is happening or the way elimination matchups are determined, but one man and one woman get eliminated periodically.

Elimination matchups could be determined based on performance in the daily challenge, with opponents decided through votes placed by winning competitors or all of the other cast members.

Based on the latest online spoilers from @mtvchallengeinsider and the Vevmo forum thread, the latest man eliminated from the spinoff is Leo Temory. The 35-year-old appeared with his cousin, Jamal Zadran, in three seasons of Amazing Race with seasons 23 and 31 as well as All-Stars.

Leo was one of just three Amazing Race stars appearing in the spinoff, along with Cayla Lee and James Wallington. It’s now down to just Cayla as the sole competitor from the CBS reality TV show on the spinoff.

The latest women’s elimination was also revealed within the past few days. Based on @mtvchallengeinsider’s Instagram post, Love Island star Cashay Proudfoot is now out of the game. That leaves just Justine Ndiba from the Love Island show in The Challenge CBS spinoff cast.

One CBS reality TV show seems to be running things

After the latest eliminations, there are exactly six men and six women left in The Challenge CBS cast. It originally started with a cast of 28 individuals from the Love Island, Big Brother, Amazing Race, and Survivor shows.

Based on the eliminations and who is left standing, it appears that Survivor stars have mostly dominated this game. It’s probably no surprise as that show involves a different level of competition compared to Love Island or Big Brother.

The remaining competitors for the women include Alyssa Lopez (Big Brother 23), Sarah Lacina (Survivor), Justine Ndiba (Love Island), Angela Rummans (Big Brother 20), Desi Williams (Survivor), and Cayla Lee (Amazing Race).

For the men, it’s down to Domenick Abbate (Survivor 36), David Alexander (Big Brother 21), Enzo Palumbo (Big Brother 12), Tyson Apostol (Survivor 18), Danny McCray (Survivor 41), and Ben Driebergen (Survivor 35).

Looking at the show tallies, that leaves six Survivor competitors, four from Big Brother and one each from Love Island and Amazing Race. That would make it seem those Survivor players are doing what they can to get rid of the competition, although Big Brother still has a small group remaining.

The finalists from The Challenge CBS spinoff will head off to compete in a special global two-part tournament that also features finalists from Challenge spinoffs including the UK, Argentina, and Australia. The winner of that show gets named the first-ever Challenge World Champion.

The Challenge CBS is TBA on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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